Pre-9/11 WTC Steel Fireproofing/Post-9/11 Ground Zero Clean-Up Contractor, Planned 2000 Seattle Kingdome Demolition

Turner Construction Company, assigned to re-fireproof the steel frames of the World Trade Center (WTC) towers during the late 1990s, who also occupied space on the 38th floor of WTC 1 and was later assigned to quickly collect and remove the wreckage of the WTC towers destroyed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, also supervised the 2000 implosion of Seattle Kingdome during this same period.

Is Dome's demise a date with fate?

Saturday, March 4, 2000


Mark your calendar. The day of the Kingdome's demise -- March 26 -- is drawing near.

"The roof will look like choreography (as it collapses)," explained Thomas Gerlach of Turner Construction, the company overseeing the demolition.

Contractor Chosen For Kingdome Demolition

Jun 15, 1999

The demolition contractor has been chosen by First & Goal and Turner Construction for demolition of the Kingdome, planned for early 2000.

The contract has been awarded to Aman Environmental Construction Inc. of Covina, California who will perform the actual preparation, salvage and post implosion concrete processing and recycling work, in conjunction with Controlled Demolition, Inc (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, who will develop the implosion plan and perform the demolition of the Kingdome Structure.

Now that the contractors for this project have been selected, First & Goal and Turner Construction will complete the details of the full implosion plan which will be submitted to the appropriate city, county and state agencies for review.

The regions of WTC 1 and WTC 2 that had fireproofing materials reportedly reapplied to their structural steel, are also the same regions within which each building structurally failed and that were struck by American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175 on September 11, 2001.

Turner Construction Company occupied the 38th floor of WTC 1.

List of Tenants in One World Trade Center

Turner Construction particpated in the collection and disposal of the steel wreckage of the WTC towers following September 11, 2001.

Turner Construction

The CEO for Turner Construction Company appointed in 1999, was Tom Leppert, who joined the board of Turner in 1998, is currently the mayor of Dallas, Texas and who has ties with former president George W. Bush and Carlos M. Gutierrez, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a bureau of the Department of Commerce, was assigned to investigate the collapses of the WTC 1,2 and 7.

Thomas C. Leppert Named To Succeed E.T. Gravette, Jr. As Chairman Of The Turner Corporation


President George W. Bush appointed Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert to the President’s Commission on White House Fellows.

Mayor Leppert meets with Bush

Dallas Business Journal

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, along with a group of 11 other mayors, met with President George W. Bush and Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez Wednesday at the White House to discuss a free trade agreement with the South American countries of Peru and Colombia.

Carlos M. Gutierrez

NIST and the World Trade Center

Tom Leppert & George Bush are "neighbors".

Tom Leppert is the Mayor of Dallas. Prior to becoming Mayor, he served as CEO of Turner Construction and he also served on the Board of Directors for Washington Mutual at the time of its seizure on September 25, 2008.

Tom Leppert lives in a 5 million dollar home (9525 Alva Ct) about a mile south of George W Bush.,+tx+75220&ie=UTF...
Bush home-->
Leppert has assisted in writing parts of Presidential speeches.

There has been speculation that Tom Leppert may make a run for the Texas Senate with Hutchison retiring.

Recently, Leppert has been pushing a downtown Dallas Hotel deal which would be dynamically subsidized by the City of Dallas. Belo Corporation has a vested interest in such a move (with major real estate holdings downtown). Belo owns The Dallas Morning News and the local ABC affiliate, Channel 8. Often, there is controversy surrounding favored contractors who are associated with Leppert.
The local area Ron Paul Group and others have opposed this idea of a taxpayer funded Hotel.

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connecting dots

thanks for this post.. it appears that not only truthers are a part of a small community, but so are the crooks - while the mainstream public continue as the walking dead.

I posted a link to this above post from
under critical breaking news:

Suspicious Pre-9/11 WTC Steel Fireproofing
Planned 2000 Seattle Kingdome Demolition

This information lays some of the ground work to investigate WHEN we have a new 9/11 Commission.

Hopefully via november 3, 2009 vote


Credit To Kevin Ryan & James Gourley

Without Kevin Ryan's discovery of the remarkable relationship between the common re-fireproofed floors, aircraft impact floors and failure floors, one might not have considered the role that this contract work may or may not have played in the WTCs demise.

And without James Gourley's willingness to provide substantial payment for access to the referred-to NIST records, the potential leads contained within these records might not be known.

Amazing bit of work


Turner Construction became subsidiary of Hochtief AG in '99

Wikipedia says about Hochtief AG...

"...However, the company's reputation is tarnished by World War II, when it deployed forced labor on construction projects. It built the Führerbunker in Berlin, scene of Adolf Hitler's suicide, as well as Hitler's Berghof retreat and Wolf's Lair headquarters.

I'm not going to trust just wikipedia with something like this. However, Hochtief's own corporate website says...

"HOCHTIEF in the Third Reich

Eugen Vögler, the CEO, did not join the Nazi Party until 1937, which was relatively late. He also made himself available to the Party as "Führer" (leader) of the "Construction Industry Business Group" and held an honorary position in the Hitler Youth. On the other hand he protected an employee who was being persecuted as a Christian of Jewish origin.
Similarly he successfully resisted attempts by the Labor Front - the Nazis' replacement for the trades unions they had disbanded - to interfere in the company's internal affairs.

Major projects rejuvenate the construction industry
As early as March 1934 the expectations that HOCHTIEF and other construction companies had placed in a new stimulation of the construction business appeared to be fulfilled, because that was when work started on the Autobahn or super-highway network. HOCHTIEF was also involved in another major project, the national center for Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg. In 1936 HOCHTIEF finally moved out of its offices at Pferdemarkt in Essen and into a new head office building in Rellinghauser Strasse, where it still has its headquarters. In 1937 work started on a leisure center at the beach resort of Prora, on the Baltic island of Rügen, under the title of the Nazi party slogan "Strength through Joy".

In addition to this and other buildings for the State and the Party, HOCHTIEF also built many industrial buildings. For instance a truck factory was built for the Opel company in Brandenburg in record time in 1935. From 1936 onwards the "Second 4-Year Plan" increasingly determined the speed of construction work. Then it was said that within four years the German Army would have reached combat readiness, and German industry would have to be on a war footing within four years as well. In the years that followed, orders of this kind increased at an unmistakable rate.

Construction of the "Westwall" defenses
From 1938 onwards HOCHTIEF worked on the "Westwall" line of defenses under the direction of the Nazi labor organization, the head of which, Fritz Todt (1891-1942), had been instructed in 1938 by Hitler's Air Force chief, Hermann Göring, to carry out all the construction work of relevance to war. The Todt Organization thus took charge of virtually all construction projects. Everything was regarded as "relevant to war", not only the obviously military buildings and the Westwall defenses, but also industrial buildings and traffic routes. Civilian building activity steadily declined.

Traffic routes and buildings for the Führer
Once Germany had defeated France in 1940, work started on the "Atlantic Wall", and HOCHTIEF was involved in this as well, and in "Operation Viking", which started in Norway in October 1941. HOCHTIEF also operated outside Germany, in countries that Germany had occupied and others as well: Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Austria and even Iran. These projects mainly involved traffic routes and sometimes industrial buildings, but HOCHTIEF also worked on "buildings for the Führer" such as his mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps, called the Berghof, his "Wolf's lair" command headquarters in Rastenburg (then in East Prussia, now Poland), and the notorious Führerbunker in Berlin.

Increasing use of forced labor
From 1939/1940 onwards HOCHTIEF employed forced laborers on its construction sites. Little is known about these projects or the men who were forced to work on them because many documents have been lost or destroyed. Another difficulty is that many of the construction projects were carried out by consortia, so it is not possible to make any reliable statement about the forced laborers whom HOCHTIEF deployed there. The information that is available can be seen in the Corporation Chronicle, which appeared in October 2000."

Everyone here has seen HBO's Band of Brothers, right?. Remember in the last episode when Easy Co. captured Hitler's Wolf's Lair. It appears that silver and gold plated retreat for Hitler, and Hitler personal Berlin bunker were built by HOCHTIEF AG, the company that acquired Turner Construction. That means that Hitler was so sure of the loyalty of Hochtief AG, he trusted his life in the hands of Hochtief AG AFTER the assassination attempt.

Now there's something I didn't expect to see when I woke up this morning. A direct connection between some of Hitler's most trusted civil engineers, and the World Trade Center 2 years prior to it's destruction.

I think I'm going to need a bit to assimilate this development.

Huge connection

I bet you just came across one of the deepest connections of the Bush family to this whole thing. I wonder how involved Prescott Bush's bank was with these crooks...

Could someone e-mail Kevin Ryan about Hochtief AG?

I don't have any way of contacting Kevin Ryan.

Could someone e-mail Kevin this information I just tracked down about all the work Hochtief AG's did for Hitler during World War 2?

I think he should get this info.


I sent an email to him about this.

Thanks :)

Appreciate that.

Keep up the good work and identify teams who planted explosives

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

thanks for this post. Some one had planted the explosives and we must identify the authors. For the moment I do not know who did it and why not the Turner Construction Company ? There can not be many companies who have the compétence or experience to do it with zero error !

Keep up the good work and identify the teams who planted the explosives.

PS in fact was the implosion of WTC7 an unhappy error in the timing ?

Amazing work as usual

Amazing work as usual Aidan.

It's always a funny coincidence that the fires that did the damage to the buildings are always at the same location where re-fireproofing or construction was taking place. In the case fo the Pentagon, there was construction recently done on the location where the plane impacted...oddly enough several explosions came from the same location which caused the roof to collapse as documented here:

Remember Project Paperclip

Project Paperclip was one of the very first CIA programs that was established right after the CIA was formed by the National Security Act of 1947. This project facilitated the "legal importation" of thousands of Nazi scientists, engineers, and "health professionals into the United States. They were then given plush jobs in universities, mental health fields, rocket science and a vast number of other industries. The purpose was to beat the Russians to the punch. Because of this project, the connections between former Nazi's and U.S. industry is not uncommon.

Kingdome Demolition

"Turner Construction Company occupied the 38th floor of WTC 1."

Remember William Rodriguez talking about hearing really loud noises, like heavy machines being moved around on the mid-30s floors in the north tower? Sounds like there must be a connection with Turner. Source: