Councillor Fujita publishes a book on 9/11!!

Councillor Fujita, along with three Japanese 9/11 Truthers is publishing a book on 9/11 Truth!!

Titled "Questioning 9/11 Terror at the National Diet - Can Obama USA Change?," Mr. Fujita presents numerous unanswered questions on 9/11 in order to wake up more Japanese citizens.

If you have friends or family members in Japan, please let them know about this book. will start taking orders shortly.

And tell them about this blog:

P.S. I was truly honored to be one of the co-authors here.

I thought I put two images of the book...

Here's the one of the cover, hopefully.

The caption right above Obama says:
"Those wars that everybody thought something was wrong with"

Sure I did, or rather, I knew they were all wrong.
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Thank you so much Chihaya and Mr Fujita!

Things that should be said...

Yukihisa Fujita is an abosolute champion of truth that deserves the Nobel Prize for peace!

Chihaya(Aus911Truth) is in my opinion the most passionate 9/11 Truth Activist in Australia and maybe the world, she does not stop!

Thank you both very, very much for taking on a formidable task in today's world, to tell the truth about 9/11!

Kindest regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Thank you John,

I'm really flattered, but that's true.
I never stop.

Just like Dan Wallace, whose spirit was never stopped but I believe he's still watching over us, all of us who are after the truth.

Now, we've gotta sell this book in Japan!!

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Jitsuro Terashima on cover

Mr. Terashima is chairman of the foundation Japan Research Institute:

Here's his profile, but Japanese only.

He spent most of his career working for Mitsui, including 6 years 1991-1997, as head of their office in Washington D.C. He worked in Mitsui's New York office from 1987-1991.

Mr. Terashima was at the Brookings Institution for a year in 1983-1984.

According to his Wikipedia article, Mr. Terashima is generally known as pro-U.S., but made some anti-U.S. statements during the Bush Administration.

Mr. Terashima was also a visiting professor at Waseda University's Institute of Asia Pacific Studies

I first thought he was chairman of this organization.

But it is a corporation. I don't know if the JRI consulting corporation and Mr. Terashima's non-profit research institute are linked, but the shareholder of the JRI corporation is the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group.

All this is just meant to show that Mr. Terashima is very much a mainstream figure, and also that he probably understands English and knows the U.S. very well.

Thank you Chihaya!

P.S. I think your use of the word "yarase" - which means staged news - is interesting and correct. The media is most culpable, for selling the bogus official story and then not seriously reporting doubts raised about the bogus story.

I think "9/11 was a media hoax" is a better soundbite than "9/11 was an inside job." I doubt that the media produced the show, but at some point early on, many media people had to know that what the media had and was continuing to broadcast and report as real news was a bogus story.

Yes, 9/11 Truth is going to MAINSTREAM!! ;O)

Thank you very much for your comment, Dwight.

I think that or and co are two different entities.

Anyhow, we're going to 'infiltrate' the mainsteam back into our hands!! ;o)

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Now, Spanish speaking people can see this one

Akira, one of the co-authors lives in Spain and he managed to introduce this book in Spanish on this page!

Well, they cannot read the book itself cause it's written in Japanese, but me writing this(about Spanish site) on this in English shows how international we truthers are! ;o)

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Translation of the front cover FYI

"Questioning 9/11 Terror at the National Diet - Can Obama USA Change?"

"That war everybody thought didn't make sense"
(above Obama's image)

"The importance to contemplate and review 9/11 reasonably"
- Jitsuro Terashima, Honorary Chairman of Japan Research Institute <-Cover doesn't have this URL. It's FYI

"Instead of cheap line of conspiracy view of history, it is vital to pursue facts with patience in order to not wash up the modern history as mystery.

"There are attempts in the world to analyze and examine the era voluntarily. It is requisite when living in the complex time of manipulation of information to think using your own head while paying attention to those attempts."

==== Above, from the front cover. Below, FYI =============

Mr. Terashima is also the
President of Tama University(starting 01APR09) and the
Chairman of Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute

He recently wrote a piece titled
"Neo-End of Liberalism - Where Obama's America is heading for"
(in Japanese)

9/11 Truth Australia
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Hopefully there are American/Japanese

truthers, who can spread this book amongst the US/Canada Japanese concentration.

Very strong pockets in NY/NJ LA & Seattle/ Vanoucver area.

Great work!

I always find the honesty & unique wording of our Japanese brethren very effective.