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Utilizing Technology.

I hope you can put together a real state of the art multi media presentation at the upcoming conference of architects and engineers in California.

I Left My Illusions in San Francisco…
24,000 Architects Confront the Evidence!
by Editor

One of the most exciting and promising AE911Truth developments has been the acceptance of our application to have a booth on the floor of the AIA 2009 National Convention and Design Exposition! This prestigious architectural convention will be held in San Francisco April 30 through May 2, 2009.

24,000 architects are expected to attend. This is an unprecedented opportunity for professional exposure for AE911Truth. We are very grateful and most eager to create a first-class showing! Considerable negotiation was required, but approval was granted by the AIA. We will have a 10' x 10' booth, at a cost of $4,000, on the floor of the convention. Please DONATE toward the cost of this critically important outreach. The overall costs will approach $10K for display equipment and DVD's/brochure handouts.

You guys are the best. Thanks.

Hey all of you...they need 6k for this AIA conference..... please give what you can as this could not be a more worthy cause!

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Thank you! The correct link is:

AE911Truth Special Project SF-AIA Donation

Exposing the truth about the 3 WTC "Collapses" on 9/11 to every architect and engineer and others