Ottawa 9/11 Truth at Obama Rally - Feb 19th,2009

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Mat (Smith Falls 9/11 Truth) and myself ,Tyrone, ( Ottawa 9/11 Truth ) went to the Obama welcome rally when the president came to visit the nation's capital on Feb 19th,2009. Security was tight but there was no incidents with our truth action. The cops treated us and all who attended with respect and dignity.

The response was overall very positive. We interviewed Sophie Harkat, the wife of Mohamed Harkat, about her and husband's plight for a fair trail of their case. 9/11 continues to impact many Canadians lives even to this day through a false understanding of that event. The response from the media present was lukewarm. I did some interviews for local media with the Ottawa Citizen and another local channel however it did not make it to the mainstrean. Mat managed to get our banner on television on CBC. We talked to a lot of Obama fans about the events of Sept 11th,2001 and hoped to awaken a few minds in the process.

We would like the Canadian government to open it's own independant investigation, a Royal Commission independent investigation of that day and release the findings to the people. We would like Barack Obama to forget Wall Streets and Brenski and reopen the investigation into 9/11.

Only with all the information can one make an informed decision.
Stop the 9/11 Cover-Up.


The Obama Deception coming to the Infowar March 15th,2009.

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