Sen. Leahy's "Truth Commission" a response to criticism

We should support Senator Leahy's proposal for a "Truth Commission" despite its toothless appearance. I will respond to Jesse Richard's (TVNewsLies) accusation that such a commission would be a "sham."

I agree with Richard that it has all the potential of being a "white wash" and ineffectual, but we must pursue this and support it anyway.

  1. This is the only game in town
  2. It is politically acceptable to a majority
  3. It will expose further the criminal nature of the state
  4. It will meet with intense opposition from the perps, as it puts them on the defensive. They may commit perjury, obstruction of justice, or other new crimes which are indicted.
  5. Those who refuse to testify would be open to prosecution
  6. Exposed crimes will lead to evidence of other crimes
  7. Exposed crimes will destroy the credibility of the perps
  8. Exposing their crimes will turn the public and Congress further against them
  9. As knowledge of crimes snowballs, a sea change may occur, as with Richard Nixon. Nixon was elected in one of the most sweeping majorities in history in 1972. Two years later he ran away from the white house to avoid impeachment.
  10. Leahy himself may get on board more serious crimes like the anthrax attacks and 9/11. He was personally targeted for assassination by anthrax, and he knows full well that some lone-nut scientist with no motive was not behind it.
  11. It is necessary to convince the apathetic public how egregious the situation is before anything substantial can be done. A result of this commission would be to educate the ignorant and apathetic about some truths they are blissfully unaware. As 9/11 was at its core a psy-op to manipulate the public toward aggressive war, such a truth commission could counter this previous programming.
  12. Inspiring millions to complain to the Justice Department and demand "justice" is what is needed. This has not occurred on a massive scale (I couldn't even get my blog urging this posted as a sticky on the 911blogger homepage).
  13. Simultaneous criminal prosecutions are not precluded, and they may force more disclosures and more testimony so that the full extent of the covert crimes is exposed. Rats turning on one another is exactly what is needed.
  14. And most importantly: THE US CONGRESS CANNOT GRANT IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION IN INTERNATIONAL COURTS. Exposing evidence of Crimes Against the Peace and Crimes Against Humanity will aid international jurors in forming legal cases against the high criminals from the former US regime, as well as send a clear warning to the current US regime and future US regimes. This in and of itself is the most compelling reason to support the politically tenable investigations of the Bush regime, despite some token grants of immunity by the Senate.

As I questioned before, "is this a step in the right direction?"

John answered my question far better than I could.

Worthwhile Effort?

If you believe the Leahy thing is a good thing, it is a worthwhile effort to fully inform him of the issues.

I just sent Leahy info, petition, statement, membership

on Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth and Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth
Thanks for the address O.