Almost 8 years after 9/11, Intel Agencies still can't "get along"

It seems that the 9/11 commission's recommendation of an all encompassing, multi-billion dollar homeland security bureau turns out to be just as useless as their final report. According to this CNN News Video, Agencies still aren't communicating and sharing information as well as they should be as law requires.

see the full report here:
Embedded video from CNN Video

Fear mongering seems to be the aim of this video news release stating we are still very much at risk and espousing the 9/11 Shura Council's predictions of the USA's downfall. The 9/11 Shura council is what the 5 Guantanamo detainees (which includes KSM) who have confessed to their roles in the 9/11 attacks are calling themselves. What those roles are I don't know, we're not given specifics. Read more about that in Joe's recent post below.

This continues the great intelligence incompetence surrounding the attacks and keeps the foundation in place for the next one whenever that may be. Considering the Illuminati's penchant for significant dates, Dec 21, 2012 seems like a good guess. Another date could have been provided by Joe Biden in his 6 mos after Obama takes office, "he'll be tested" that will be around July 20th. Maybe we have been somewhat complacent lately as Yahoo offered up this piece in addition the confession article with a big bold headline "We are Terrorists to the Bone":

This article was tailor made to frighten the wits out of a naive flock. I have a feeling we'll see the rhetoric machine turn up some in the coming weeks as Obama's test draws near. The Markle Institute issued more recommendations which seem to be far more fair than I would've thought. I hadn't read the whole thing, just a summary, but their suggestions reign back that horrid piece of legislation called the FISA act (revised). See their report here.

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