"We are being spoon-fed stupid again..." Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Larisa Alexandrovna

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Excellent questions being asked, as usual, by Larisa Alexandrovna over at atlargely.com, followed there by some equally thought-provoking commentary from readers. Unfortunate that even with all the "change" and "hope" promised we can't find reasonable debate, let alone any answers, in the quite un-changed corporate media...

And since Obama and his legal team can't even agree with each other on basic legal foundations--such as habeas corpus, and Obama's administration is backing immunity for John Yoo and other heinous torture proponents, the thought that this (alleged) KSM & Friends 'trial' will even begin to sort things out seems pretty silly. But why try to sort things out and reassess America's standing on basic human value? Instead, let's all focus on outrageous statements attributed to this group so we won't make a fuss when 17,000 MORE troops head into Afghanistan, when US drones bomb MORE civilians in Pakistan, when our troops DON'T leave Iraq, when all the "other Gitmos" are NOT closed, and when NO ONE is held accountable for torturing, sometimes to death, people around the world. Heck, it's worked for years and years! Yep, rev up the hatred-machine again and beat the drums of vengeance-war more loudly, so the rising wail of voices demanding justice for all humanity will be drowned out. Again...
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Larisa Alexandrovna - March 11, 2009 - atlargely.com

Can someone explain to me how 5 suspected members of Al Qaeda (although there is no question regarding KSM) suddenly got their own PR machine from inside Gitmo and at the hands of a military judge, not to mention getting a world stage through which to frighten Americans some more? And the media? Well, they are too well versed in stupid to ask any sensible questions:

"Five Guantanamo prisoners accused in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on the U.S. staunchly defended their actions, calling the operation "blessed" and "great" and the accusations against them "badges of honor."

"You are the last nation that has the right to speak about civilians and killing civilians," the five said in a response this month to the U.S. government's war crimes charges.

"You are professional criminals, with all the meaning the words carry," the response said. "Therefore, we will treat you the same. We will attack you, just like you have attacked us, and whomever initiated the attacks is the guilty party."

The six-page response from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who plotted the attacks, and four others castigates the actions of the United States and its allies in the Middle East and calls the United States "the terrorist country number one in the world."'

Okay, now someone explain the following to me:

1. How did 5 alleged Al Qaeda members come together to form this statement, given that they are being held each in isolation at Gitmo? Are they allowed to meet and discuss various topics, including their alleged joy at bombing the United States? Somehow I don't think so. We know that some of their own attorneys were not even aware of this filing or what it said. So was this done telepathically?

2. And how is it that this filing was accepted by the court when some of the attorneys for the 5 men were not even aware that such a thing was going to be filed? Take a gander:

"The ACLU is angry that a military judge has accepted an incendiary legal pleading filed by five 9/11 suspects, despite President Obama's order stopping the Guantanamo military commissions and even though attorneys for some of the defendants were unaware of it."

Now stay with me here. 5 alleged Al Qaeda members issue a statement of guilt, an incendiary statement rejoicing at the lost American lives of those attacks 7 years back, through a filing with the court. This filing is accepted by the court despite some of the attorneys not being made aware that this was going to be filed or what was going to be declared on behalf of their clients. Moreover, defying President Obama's ruling putting a halt on all Gitmo military commissions, the judge on the case not only accepted this filing, but also released it to the public.

Does anyone else find this just all a bit too well timed, not to mention idiotic? Seriously, what purpose could this serve in helping the American cause or in keeping the nation safe?

I think we are witnessing the military industrial complex defying the President of the United States and using the attacks of 9/11 to upset the public and gain support for their own objectives. That is the nut graph people. The media has spent all day rehashing this, calling in military experts to decipher the minds of the accused without ONCE asking the two obvious question: how and why?

-How did these 5 men discuss and approve this statement if some of them and their attorneys were not even aware of it?

-Why did the court happen to accept this filing given the above issue?

-Why did the court decide to release this to the public, despite years of secrecy on everything else, including denying access to something as basic as current photographs of the accused?

-Why is this being released now?

-How does it benefit anyone to release this this to the public? (it only benefits one group of people)

Yes, that's right, the military and its defense contractors - that terribly incestuous pool of corruption - are playing scare the foolish American people again, in public, and for the world to see in order to frighten us to bend to their will.

Their only problem, per the usual, is that they are too swathed in stupid to actually pull it off- even with such a compliant fourth estate. Some of us actually still rely on reason and logic, common sense even.

Consider what the MSM did report, however:

Gitmo prisoners defend 'blessed' 9/11 attack
Guantanamo detainees admit to 9/11 plot
9/11 detainees accept responsibility for attacks

Now, put aside your belief on what you think happened with these men, what they did or did not do. I am not debating that here. The secrecy and corruption of law are what I am talking about. So please don't bombard me with emails that I am some sort of "gatekeeper" for the New World Order. It is funny, yes, but annoying.

So, as to the secrecy and corruption of justice and law, let us consider something called the Bush-Cheney war on terror. We were told for 7 long years that all of this secrecy was needed to stop any future attacks (right... maybe the secret bailout winners are all protecting us from another Wall Street meltdown).

In their so-called aim at keeping America safe, the Bush administration ended up holding no one to account formally - only in secret and in doing so, actually endangered national security. How very clever of them? No, not hardly.

Since when has the public accepted secret rulings, in secret courts, based on tortured confessions, of people held illegally by the US and on foreign soil without a shred of evidence being presented to the public? How does that keep us safe? Moreover, how has torturing and detaining these people for years and then quietly releasing them keep us safe? Nope, not clever either. But I have given up trying to understand the motives of the insane and corrupt.

But I digress, as I often do.

We have detained these men for years, refusing to release even a picture of them to the public claiming that national security reasons override the rule of law and then as if by magic and as President Obama moves to cut off the military industrial feeding troth, suddenly all 5 detainees admit their guilt. Wait, and the kicker is not only do the 5 admit their guilt, but they sing it with joy, despite some of them and their attorneys not even being aware that this filing was being introduced. The military court, apparently no longer concerned about national security and in violation of an order given by their Commander to halt all such proceedings, accepted the filing and set it free for the public to consume. Secrecy games are political and this is politics, make no mistake about that.

Now I am not saying these 5 were not involved in 9/11. In fact, the most damning evidence - the little of it we have been given - implicates KSM. But again, I am not discussing the who and what of 9/11 here. I am addressing this level of crazy that we now call law and order. Since when can someone admit guilt through the filing of someone who is not their own attorney and without being made aware that such an admission was being filed on their behalf?

And how does it help the American cause by having justice delivered in secret?. Moreover, playing politics with something as tragic as 9/11 by pulling stunts like these serves only to further illustrate the level of corruption that justice - be it military courts or the DOJ - has been subjected to in this long 8-year winter of the Bush-Cheney cabal.

Source URL: http://www.atlargely.com/2009/03/we-are-being-spoonfed-stupid-again.html


compare the relatively well phrased English of this statement with KSM's confession, which is entirely in broken English. So, if KSM is the mastermind, should we assume his English is the best of the bunch? If so, why can't he decide if he is literate in English? Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't.

good observation simuvac, I agree.

I also noticed that they called themselves terrorists. If they did have anything to do with it, wouldn't they refer to themselves as something other than terrorists? Do terrorists call themselves terrorists?

They also use the phrase "to the bone". Is this a universal phrase? Is it commonly used in Saudi Arabia? It may be. It just makes me think of the George Thorogood song "Bad To The Bone".

Thanks Joe for the post.