Public TV Station Offers Endgame, Freedom to Fascism During Pledge Drive

Gary Franchi Exposes Federal Reserve on PBS

Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society on KBDI in Denver pitching Endgame and Freedom to Fascism.

Kurt Nimmo
March 12, 2009

It was an act of unmitigated terrorism. On March 5, 2009, KBDI, a public television station in Denver, Colorado, ran Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism during a fund raising drive. KBDI had notorious terrorist Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society on to pitch for donations and talk about Russo and his landmark film.

The late Aaron Russo and Franchi are considered terrorists by the the Missouri Information Analysis Center. As reported on the Infowars website yesterday, a MIAC document sent to Alex Jones entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” designates Russo’s film as popular media with crazed militia members who consider local police the enemy. Franchi is not mentioned in the MIAC report but he is obviously a fellow traveler and enemy of America, or at least America envisioned by the authorities in Missouri and their benefactors at the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition to Russo’s film, KBDI offered Alex Jones’ Endgame to folks making a donation to the station. Franchi said Endgame, Freedom to Fascism, The Money Masters, and other films offered by the station during its pledge are essential viewing. “These films are so important,” said Franchi, “this message is so important [because] our Republic is in peril right now… and it is these films, this message that needs to get to the American people.”

KBDI even allowed Gary Franchi to criticize the Federal Reserve.

Is it possible Colorado’s MIAC counterpart — just about every state in the union has such organizations — now considers public television a venue for terrorists, followers of Christian Identity, white nationalism, and all manner of treasonous tax resisters, dangerous constitutionalists and other miscreants?


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