I have been coming to 9/11 blogger for a long time. I visit this site daily. I was so impressed by a blog on a Colorado TV station KBDI that i had to call them to say thank you.
Most of us are aware of smaller stations, with limited funds , and viewers. Still what makes this station stand out is the topic's it covers.
I will bet everything i have, and all i can borrow that if major TV stations show all video's that us truthers have seen, America would revolt by morning.
Sad huh? I am tired of Paris Hilton, Brittney, and whatever trivial bit of so called news i see on TV. I remember watching Walter Cronkite when i was a little kid with my dad. Real news, with accountability. Have most Americans grown lazy?, complicit?, or just think what is going on will never affect them or their families?
The issues our country faces are dire. The time to demand answers, and accountability is now.
What i propose is this. Let's rally behind this little Colorado station that has b*lls.
Is it possible to get some influential people in our movement to go there for more exposure? I am talking Richard Gauge, Jesse Venture, Willie Nelson, Steven Jones, Keven Ryan, well you get the point.
Promoted in advance to major newspapers, and TV stations ( This just to give fair warning to being complicit in covering up real news)
Do you think we can rally behind this little station that promotes truth? Do you think that those real American icons will commit to this rally?
This station needs funds. I say more than funds exposure. We are shooting a million BB guns at an elephant. It's time to use an elephant gun.
United we really do stand. Who among us can organize this event?
What do you guys think about this idea? Is it possible to gather together all our experts in one location, and promote it with all our efforts? An event so large it can't be ignored?
It's going on eight years. Isn't that long enough?