9/11 - New Physics, "You Can't Use Common Sense"

Professor Riddle demonstrates the science learned from the events of 9/11.


I love the humor!

What a great way to show the lunacy of NIST !


my brain hurts...

dems must be dem dar new west virginny pheesix.. i git it neow... hyuck..

thats so very sad..

peace all


thanks for the laugh

yes, these crazy 9-11 truthers with their bongs and VW bus can out-think PhD NIST government brainiacs and their million $$$ supercomputer simulations with the stick figure drawings and a flip pad.

that was some good stuff.

now pass the pipe!!!

Swedish naval engineer

Blogger Article on Bjorkman Here:

Anders Bjorkman

I wonder if Anders Bjorkman, petition signer of the month on ae911truth.org, could wrap his head around this complex demonstration. It seems the smaller the vehicle the more likely it would crash all the way through the bus. A smart car would probably go through the bus and also take down the entire store.

This Video

has got to be a spoof. Well I needed a good laugh.

new physics

My stomach hurts. This guy had me going. The smaller the moving vehicle the easier it demolished the bus. A smart car would cut through the bus like a hot knife through butter and probably take down the store as well.

dam stupid truthers just

dam stupid truthers just can't figure it out. When the US government changes the laws of physics it becomes applicable reality. Why is that so hard to figure out for so many truthers. Maybe after this highly acedemic video they will learned their lesson.

great stuff. good reminder to maintain our sense of humor now and then.

Well done.

Now that's the way to spread some truth. The class clown always tells it like it is.

What I think this film has missed

is that, according to the new physics, the larger body begins to collapse even before the smaller body hits it, out of pure fright.

Had a conversation

Had a conversation with an engineer friend of mine.... He tried to tell me about what he was taught at university after 911 by his professor who had lost a friend in the WTC on 911??? Progressive Collapse.... he pitched this to me saying that this concept was pounded into their heads. He was set in this concept and refused to see anything else.
Never thought about what they taught engineering students after 911
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