9/11 Truth Activist Arrested in Canadian Bush Protest

9/11 Truth Activist Arrested in Canadian Bush Protest
Splitting The Sky, shoe hurlers arrested as Calgary toasts war criminal

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
18 March, 2009

Noted activist, lecturer, author and 9/11 Truth researcher Splitting The Sky was arrested outside the Telus Convention Center in Calgary, Canada yesterday as ex-U.S. President George W. Bush delivered a speech to an assembly of Canadian oilpatch executives and politicians. Video of the event, courtesy of Moulton Steel Productions at Calgary911Truth.org is available below:

While Bush delivered a $400-per-plate luncheon address extolling the virtues of free trade and illegal wiretapping, protesters outside the event made their voices heard. According to the National Post, 400 protesters gathered to demonstrate against Bush, with four ultimately being arrested, including Splitting The Sky and at least one man who simply threw a sandal at the building where Bush was speaking.

In an interview last week, Splitting The Sky told The Corbett Report "We're basically saying George Bush and [ex-Vice President Dick] Cheney committed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and that they were behind 9/11. They manufactured 9/11 to justify an incursion into the Mid-East." Continuing, Splitting The Sky explained "We intend to create a big welcoming party and condemn Bush for the war crimes, for the thousands of people who have died because of this manufactured war."

Splitting The Sky's efforts were part of an umbrella effort by protesters to draw attention to a group of Canadian lawyers' attempts to get Bush barred from Canada or tried as a war criminal for torture and other crimes against humanity. The group, Lawyers Against the War, was assisted by grasssroots citizen activist organizations including War Criminals Out and People Vs. Bush.

In an interview with The Corbett Report last week, WarCriminalsOut.com webmaster Wayne Prante stressed that the planned protests were non-violent and strictly within the law: "There's no vigilante justice being called for here, we're just doing our civic and legal duty and asking that the government live up to theirs. We are talking about civil and peaceful protest action here."

WarCriminalsOut.com is now reporting that Splitting The Sky was arrested for assault and obstruction after attempting to enter the Convention Center in an apparent effort to perform a citizen's arrest of Bush on behalf of those tortured and murdered during his reign as president. He is being aided in his defence by Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against the War and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clarke.

Email from wayne prante

Says he has been released, and is OK. - 3.18.2009

July 23, 2008 - Interview with Splitting the Sky


Unbought and Unbossed: Canadian Political News and Views
Show #79 July 23, 2008 - Interview with Splitting the Sky

1 hour and 48 minutes. (Interview begins 21 minutes in)

"This week's show features a telephone interview with Splitting the Sky, AKA John Bancore. (Interview starts at 21 minutes). Splitting the Sky is an activist for indigenous peoples as well as a vocal 9/11 Truther. Topics discussed include: his experience at the Attica prison rebellion in New York state in 1971; following the 9/11 money trail; PNAC and The Grand Chessboard; coincidental theorist vs. conspiracy theorist; and his experience as a political dissenter moving into the film and television industry.

Article by Mike Finch called the CDN Internet Service Providers Plan Net Censorship: Concerns grow that Canada's plan will wipeout alternative news sites and spread to U.S. This was published this week.

As well, an Update on the Vancouver cameraman, Michael Barcellona, who was arrested by Vancouver Police on June 12 2008, for filming the protest against former U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell at the Van Convention Ctr. This update comes from Travis Lupick, from We Are Change Vancouver.

Audio piece Splitting the Sky Speaks Truth to Power, from the first Northwest Truth Convergence July 12, 2008, at the CDN/U.S. border at Peach Arch Park, B.C./Wa."

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