Texas Style Jury Duty

This week I have been called to serve on two different jury duties. One is for the Municipal Court in a Dallas suburb and one is for a nearby County Court.

Today, I walked into the courtroom of the Municipal Court and sat down on one of the long pews facing the bench. There were about 50 of us sitting on pews as potential jurers in the small room waiting for the Judge. Of course, I brought my bag with reading material, 9/11 Truth DVDs, and newspaper-sized broadsheet flyers. (See flyer--> http://www.911blogger.com/node/18142 )

Rooms are strangely silent with so many people waiting. Voices easily carry across the small room. I struck up a conversation with the fellow next to me, John. "Are you in college?" He answered that he wasn't, but had trained as a pilot for a couple years in Arizona and nixed the idea in the year 2000 because he did not want to pursue a military career. I validated him, saying "That was smart!"

Then I handed him a newspaper-sized flyer saying: "You might be interested in this...have you ever heard of Building 7?"
John answered: "You mean World Trade Center Building 7?!...yea...I believe it was controlled demolition."

Right away, we chimed into conversation all about Building 7, the over 600 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the unexploded flakes of thermite in the dust and the forensic residue of thermite explosives in the dust, the BBC report 20 minutes prior to the actual collapse, Barry Jennings witnessing explosives before any collapse of the Towers, etc., etc. John knew a lot about false flag operations and we played the conversation like a tennis ball back-n-forth.

I made sure that my voice could easily be overheard by the other 50 people sitting in the small, silent courtroom. I could feel the attention by others, and even 'sense' that some of the other people also knew about Building 7. I went into detail during our conversation in order to help edify the listening audience, hoping to prompt people to later Google search Building 7.

This just happened to be a random person in a room of 50 people who KNEW about 9/11 Truth. So cool! So cool!
The more we interact and bring up 9/11 Truth, the more we will see this subject come to the forefront.

(Over 32,000 DVDs distributed in the Texas area)


Truly heartwarming to hear. I wish I could've been there. Sounds like the America I'd like to see. Thanks.

Way to go TomT Tenacious

I've had similar experiences where in the course of an ordinary day I've encountered several people
who are aware. All I had to do was speak up.
Thanks for all you do Tom.

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Great stuff. I have to agree

Great stuff. I have to agree with you as to using this method to spread the word. My wife and I just go to dfferent coffee shops and sit down and talk aloud about 9/11 or other relevant topics. At least half the time someon is intrigued enough to injerject. At that poing it becomes the scene of the room and others definately perk up their ears. It's also great that you were equiped with material. This sort of practice is one of my favorite ways to spread truth because both my wife and I can enjoy it together. We've become quite good at it. Great work and bless you.

one by one


This is very encouraging. I'm sure many in the room were listening. People are upset and waking up one by one.

Thanks for sharing. I've

Thanks for sharing. I've also had similiar experiences. Most recently was last sunday when I was introduced to a person by a group of friends who believes 9/11 wasn't what we were told. We were standing in the line to get into a popular restaraunt, redbones, in somerville, ma. He spotted a sticker on a generator box that said "Experts agree that 9/11 was an inside job." He asked everyone to take a look at the sticker and that if they agreed. Only one out of 7 people in my group believed in the incompetence theory. We all then got into discussion about the means and motives of 9/11, patriot act, defense spending, etc.

Public responses to 9/11

Now that I wear my 9/11 Truth shirt everywhere, it's amazing how many people comment that they agree the official conspiracy theory sounds like a lot of hot air. I've also got bumper stickers. Guy pulled up at a light last week, rolled down his window and told me he agreed 9/11 was a "fix" by the regime.

You're right, folks. The number who have come to see that they were fed a line of baloney is growing every day. Most of the credit goes to 9/11 activists.

I never thought we'd get anywhere in my lifetime (I'm 62). Now, I really believe we can push the envelope over the edge and get justice. If only we'd had the Internet in November, 1963!

I love hearing different people's stories!!!

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER