The French can at last see film "ZERO" in French. Thanks

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Thanks to the French association for their good voluntarily work in putting up french subtiles on the italian documentary "ZERO : Inquiry into the 111th of September 2001 attacks" by the journalist and European parliamentary deputy Giulietto Chiesa

Last Monday and Tuesday, permitted the Parisians to see and debate this film in the cinéma action CHRISTINE.
The debate was as usual very interesting and rich. Pity that some of us had to leave before the end to catch our trains back home. When are the french newspapers going to inform the public about this and the other documentaries ? For those that could not go that day you can buy the DVD with the French subtitles from

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Merci Beaucoup.

Pour acheter le DVD(15€) voir la page ...

Pour les personnes voulant acheter le DVD ( 15 euros) aller à

et info sur le documentaire en français à

et à

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