9/11/01 CBS reports "fourth explosion" at WTC

The audio is taken from the Howard Stern Show on 9/11/01 as they listen to a CBS news broadcast. All throughout, they mention a "fourth explosion" at the WTC site. Howard and Robin interestingly comment towards the end about how "heads will roll" in the FBI and CIA for not preventing the attacks. I wonder if they are aware that to this day, not one individual has been held accountable, and in fact those officials most responsible have been promoted.

This might be a good time to renew my Stern Show outreach call.

Thanks to JR Guerra for the tip.

4th explosion

Do we have exact times for this video clip from the Stern show? Do we know when this "fourth explosion" is supposed to have happened? Both towers are down so it's after 10:30 a.m., but how much after? Recall that the LDEO seismic records give spikes at 11:01:07 and 11:15:04 a.m. LDEO identifies these as further collapses at the site, but I've suspected for some time that they may be from attempts to take down WTC 7.

If you go to the users page

If you go to the users page and watch through all the clips, they are chronological. This particular Howard Stern audio w/ WCBS-TV video 9 minute segment seems to be between 10:36 am and 10:45 am EST judging by the time of WTC1's collapse.

I've had...

Howard's show from that day posted for years. They talk about secondary explosions, and it is also a good reference to find out when fighters arrived over the skies of NYC (not at 9:25 like the 9/11 Commission says, more like 10:09).

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

What happened to the car bomb

at the State Department? Obviously, that was a false report. I would be interested to know how such an incredibly false report was made.

We should get William Rodriguez on as a guest.

Heck i might even renew my subscription if they did.


What were the other three explosions?

I'm curious what the other three explosions were. Are they referring to the impacts of the planes into the two towers and the Pentagon, or are they referring to three other independent explosions?

I made a sort of compilation

I made a sort of compilation of all the most relevant WCBS-TV stuff I could find, in chronological order, including the above comment, there are some very interesting comments about the collapses and explosions. also watch the captions on the bottom of the screen, I believe some of it should answer your question partly.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

These are important!

I'm always amazed that new things turn up...things that will help turn nonbelievers into Truthers. There is such good material right before the eyes of every American- who is finally getting it that we're just another country to exploit.


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