The Art of Tabling

Do some outreach in your community!

Video montage by Mike Chickey

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I Love It!

We will be doing this soon.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

You bet !!! (Over 32,000 DVDs distributed in N Texas so far!) sure to stay updated with the forum posts and front page.

If you want to

Learn how to table I suggest you talk to Carol Brouillet some time. She is the best I have ever seen. We need more like her. Thanks Carol. Your the greatest!

and, in a pinch ...

... without the table.
ANSWER march 3/21/09, Los Angeles / Hollywood
(the Vote for Peace sign ... if only it were that easy!)
photos by Chic


If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

This is the BEST method for truth activism

I've tried them all & setting up a table in your own neighborhood (or anywhere really) is the easiest & most rewarding way of working for 9/11 truth.

CI...Civil Informationing

I suggest that we take constant weekly or monthly public actions to spread the "truth seeking" words starting in our local communities by reaching out to the public via tabling, "on the grounding" or bannering [or a combo of all these]...its a fun, rewarding and successful way to go. Force nothing...let folks see you...and let them take what they are comfortable with...FORCE NOTHING!

Take some time to get to know your neighbors...share some TRUTH...and other information with THEIR OWN having good and solid conversations about LOTSA STUFF...and by giving out the usual DVDs or 1/4 page flyers that steer people to good info systems.

Show that you are interested in rebuilding THIS DEMOCRACY...simply be civil...set example by doing a civic informational...and above all...ask people to be MORE involved in their self governance THIS year than they were LAST year...

Swap out CD...Civil Disobedience [which should be held out for the right place at the right times]...for CI...Civil Informationing!!!

CI works...and its a blast...

CI spread out at THOUSANDS of locations all across the country and the world is flat out IMPOSSIBLE to be "cointelproed"!...

This ALONE is enough reason to perform CI above any other public activisms...

CD action means that the event will be infiltrated and that our enemies will be there...and that they will be smiling as your friends in the movements...

CI means exposing infiltrators AND reaching the public...

The HIGH PERPS and the RULING CLASS fear an "informed electorate" that gives OR holds back their "consent"...

Informed Consent are the two most neglected words in our countries...

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon


Yes, it is an art, and you guys seem to have it down. It also brings in a little loot, which helps to keep us moving forward.