Live Broadcast from Berkeley, Calif.-- Sat, March 28th, 7pm Pacific -- 10pm Eastern --- Richard Gage, AIA

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Coming up Saturday, March 28th at 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern - 02:00 GMT
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Live Broadcast from Berkeley, Calif. --- Richard Gage, AIA
9/11: Blueprint for Truth -- The Architecture of Destruction

LIVE BROADCAST -- Hear Richard Gage's lastest presentation on the controlled demolition of the towers in front of a lively Berkeley audience. This should be exciting. Please visit his website and sign the petition for a new 911 investigation.

SF Bay Area Residents: Support by attending this event in person. 7pm Pacific, Saturday, March 28th. Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar St., Berkeley, California (corner of Bonita in North Berkeley).

FYI volunteers needed for Santa Cruz gig

Way to go Berkeley folks! Wanted to let people know Gage is tentatively scheduled to come to Santa Cruz, CA in late May/early June. Anyone wanting to help promote this or volunteer in some way email:

I listened to most of Richard's talk last night. Great job as us

I listened to most of Richard's talk last night. Great job as usual. But his poll at the beginning revealed only about six in the audience not on board already. He was preaching to the choir.

Preaching to the choir

Joe - its important to tell the whole the story...
The good news is that we had a packed house of 143.
Before the presentation 4 believed in the OCT and 24 were unsure. The remainder agreed with the CD theory.
Afterward Nobody believed in the OCT and only 2 were unsure.

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

Thank you Richard!

Those TWENTY SIX new Converts will soon multiply exponentially.

Listening to the radio broadcast, I was under the impression there were fewer "unsure".

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