Ed Begley, Jr - Reflections of 9/11

Ed Begley, Jr. (actor, environmentalist, activist) will be in Plano, Texas (an affluent Dallas suburb) for a “Live Green Expo” on April 18th. For many Texans, this brings to mind one of Ed’s most dramatic roles. On September 11, 2004 Begley served as host for the NYC event “Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Re-open the 9/11 Investigation”.

In reflecting upon this milestone event, the dynamic introduction to the subject of “9/11 Truth” stands out. This 4 minute video contains an excellent opening statement.


Ed Begley, Jr. and tribute to the fallen. (3 1/2 minute video below)


Transcripts and notes regarding the September 11, 2004 event. http://summeroftruth.org/confronting_the_evidence.html

Article in the paper following the event. http://www.thevillager.com/villager_73/911conspiracytheorists.html

Ed Begley, Jr on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Begley,_Jr

"Confronting the Evidence" was an early 9/11 Video

that Jimmy Walters gave millions of dollars to get the word out. When it came out you onlt had to provide an address for them to send you a free copy.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

A $1,000,000 reward to anyone who could disprove explosives

"Confronting the Evidence" with Ed Begley, Jr has a dynamic thrust. That DVD (which I had sent off for with a dollar donation) at the time announced a reward of one million dollars to anyone who could disprove that explosives were used on all three world Trade Center Buildings.

Ed Begley, Jr. – Six-time Emmy Award-nominated actor. St. Elsewhere, 7th Heaven, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under. Begley has always been a man before his time. In the 70's he was frugal and "green" at a time when being green seemed odd. He currently has a reality show about green living called "Living With Ed" on Planet Green with his wife, actress Rachelle Carson. Here is a great Dallas, Texas WFAA Channel 8 interview with Gary Cogill and Ed Begley, Jr. http://www.wfaa.com/video/projectgreen-index.html?nvid=281235&noad=yes ~ Gary Cogill has "9/11 Mysteries".

More on Ed Begley http://patriotsquestion911.com/media.html#Begley