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UPDATE: WeAreCHANGE Members Arrested

Luke, Manny (not Manny Badillo) and Anthony were transfered to Central Bookings at 100 Centre street in New York City until tomorrow morning.

This was a set up. The NYPD knew they were coming and were setting a trap. The Bloomberg people also told members to stay in one particular spot and were not asked to leave. Therefore, Luke, Manny and Anthony were not trespassing and were wrongfully arrested.

Manny was arrested for filming and his face was also smashed while under the care of the police in the squad car.

While in Central bookings, other people were let out of their cells, but Luke, Manny and Anthony remained in Central Booking. The NYPD Intelligence and Bloomberg Security confiscated the three cameras with all the footage. They also kept a picture camera and were snooping and looking through all the pictures. The NYPD Intelligence Officer saw photos of Luke shooting a gun at a shooting range and was asking him if he had a license for that and accusing him of owning guns without a license.


Central Booking (212) 374-3921
New York County (Manhattan) Criminal Court (212) 374-5880
100 Centre Street (one block north of Worth Street, three blocks south of Canal Street).

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Luke Rudkowski Arrested for Attempting to Question Mayor Bloomberg

Kurt Nimmo - Infowars - March 28, 2009

WeAreChange founder and activist Luke Rudkowski was arrested at the Hilton Hotel on Manhattan today for attempting to question New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg about his refusal to pay for the health care of 9/11 first responders. Rudkowski had Infowars press credentials and a video camera when he was singled out by Bloomberg’s security in the lobby of the hotel located at West 53rd Street and Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue).

According to a post on the WeAreChange blog Rudowski and other members of WeAreChange were confronted and asked questions by hotel security and Bloomberg’s security detail. Rudkowski was apparently singled out and forcibly detained at the hotel and subsequently handed over to the New York Police, who arrested him on a charge of trespassing. Rudkowski was also charged with impersonating a member of the press.

Infowars is a bona fide press organization. Alex Jones operates numerous news websites in addition to hosting a nationally syndicated talk radio show that is currently rated as the most listened to talk show over the internet. Jones’ Infowars and Prison Planet have broken numerous stories, including one covering the MIAC controversy that was picked up by the Associated Press and mentioned by Fox News host Glenn Beck and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Luke Rudkowski has worked as an Infowars journalist for several years and his journalism is featured in Alex Jones film Truth Rising: 9/11 Chronicles, released in 2008.

As of this writing, Rudkowski is being held at the 18th Precinct at 306 West 54th Street on Manhattan. An officer Fagan answered calls in regard to Rudowski’s arrest. Infowars staff report Fagan abruptly hung up the telephone when inquiries about Rudowski were made.

The 18th precinct phone number is: 212-760-8300. A NYC information page on the internet lists the following number for the precinct: 212-767-8400.

Alex Jones and Infowars are requesting calls be made to the police asking about Luke Rudkowski’s whereabouts and the trumped up charges against him. The New York Police and Mayor Bloomberg need to be made aware of the fact there is a First Amendment in this country and it is an egregious violation of that amendment when members of the press are unduly arrested and charged.

Please remember to be polite when contacting the police and other New York City officials.

(Sander Hicks has this covered at -rep.)

Rudkowski Arrested, with Two Others, at Bloomberg Fund-raiser

by Sander Hicks - Sun, 29 Mar 2009

Last night, in an attempt to get Mayor Bloomberg to answer questions about the Mayor’s alleged neglect of 9/11 First Responders, three activists from the nation-wide “9/11 truth” group We Are Change were suddenly arrested and held over night in Central Booking.

The Mayor had been at the Times Square Hilton for a fund-raising event. The activists claim they were not asked to leave the premises, and were illegally arrested.

“All of the members of WeAreChange immediately complied with all instructions given by the security detail so that they could exit the building but within seconds arrest orders were given. According to WeAreChange camera operators, there is video of these unlawful arrests as it appears that in some cases there were no warnings given and some people were simply arrested just for being in the lobby of the hotel.” Members of We Are Change also allege that police engaged in unnecessary brutality. Three video cameras were confiscated.

Mayor Bloomberg was criticized this week for denying financial assistance and traditional workplace protections to those suffering adverse health effects from working at Ground Zero after 9/11/01. At a meeting of We Are Change at the Amish Market deli near Ground Zero, yesterdat, Rudkowski read aloud from recent reports in the New York Post that criticized the Mayor. Rudkowski unveiled a plan to have multiple camera/activist teams stationed around the Hilton that night, to politely but firmly, ask the Mayor about First Responders. At the meeting, the group agreed on the slogan, “First Responders First.”

“This was a set up. The NYPD knew they were coming and were setting a trap. The Bloomberg people also told members to stay in one particular spot and were not asked to leave. Therefore, Luke, Manny and Anthony were not trespassing and were wrongfully arrested,” says the group’s blog.

According to a report filed this morning by Kurt Nimmo on InfoWars, NYPD charged Rudkowski with trespassing, and impersonating a journalist. InfoWars claims that they had issued Rudkowski bona fide press credentials. “Infowars and Prison Planet have broken numerous stories, including one covering the MIAC controversy that was picked up by the Associated Press and mentioned by Fox News….”

Multiple calls to NYPD and Central Booking were not successful.

More info:

NYPD Central Booking (212) 374-3921

Line is busy

Phone line is constantly busy. Either they are getting inundated with calls or they've taken phone off the receiver. I hope all NY area 9/11 truth activists converge on the police station and demand answers. This is an outrage.

WeAreChange Ohio Calls the NYPD

Great work Brad!

Great work Brad!

Thanks for posting Rep!

Thanks for posting Rep!

This is an assault on Freedom of Speech

In addition to aiding in the 911 cover up and leaving first responders to die, Bloomberg vigorously supported the recent war crimes in Gaza.

There is only one reason for the arrests and that is to save the mayor from embarassment.

Rudowski and co. need to be supported by the entire 911 truth movement.

It could be any one of us in their shoes.

Right on...get down there and embarrass the Mayor out of office!

Well said Danse!

Best John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Do they want to incite the people to protest?

This can only be viewed as the escalation we've been waiting for, I hope they know they will not finish what they have started.

The people will prevail for the .1% will be heading for a meeting with their fate.

Just because the rich and powerful are cruel, inhumane and destructive does not mean they will win rather it means that they are of low intellect, without integrity and most of all cowardly!

Escalate please, the sooner this all comes to a head the better for all!

Luke Rudkowski is a hero and all what he stands for is about the survival of democracy.

Our thought's in Australia are with you Luke and all of your WAC comrades; fight on brothers and sisters to victory for the fallen, sick and injured.

With the greatest respect, John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

People who go to the Museum of Modern Art

ought to know that they are supporting war crimes and a fascist state. The museum is David Rockefeller's precious little (publicly funded) plaything. It means sooo much to him. Michael Bloomberg was awarded the David Rockefeller Award from the museum just as he was assuming the mayor's office. Little Davie boy bullies the city government through his "Partnership for New York City." It used to be called the New York City Partnership after it had swallowed the New York City Chamber of Commerce, but once it had fully digested that organization, it changed its name to the Partnership for New York City. The city's Chamber of Commerce literally disappeared. Most people have not heard of the Partnership for New York City. They just don't know what goes on, and what little Davie Boy's role is in the organization, nor do they understand the power it wields. Bloomberg is the visible face of an overall racket.

Every time...

I've called, the line has been busy.

Edit: I just IM'd Luke, and he's on his way home.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?



Bloomberg and his ruling class showing their true stripes

...and I'm not talking red white and blue , but black and white if you get my drift. Hang in there Luke and friends. We love you.

just called

first i tried 212-760-8300 and 212-767-8400- the connection was bad, talked to a Lt. Rojas said he couldn't give out info unless i was a family member- I asked him to confirm for me that the law says the arrest of a person is not public info; he waffled and wouldn't give me an answer, referred me to central booking- Lt Gravina said Rudowski was now out of his system, that he had seen a judge and would have been released- he told me to call Luke directly, or read about it in the paper tomorrow.

EDIT- just saw Jon's msg above, that Luke's out- anyone know if that's right; the cops don't have to tell the public if they're holding somebody???

You're correct; arrests and

You're correct; arrests and criminal records are (for the most part) public record.