New ACTIVATE Action Alert Tool at

I just wanted to let you guys know about a great new section at our website for Visibility 9-11 called Activate. Scott has set this up to take advantage of the available internet technology to create a syndicated “action alert” network. Take a look around the section and notice the following features:

1) You can create an account and submit action alerts that you either personally are organizing or that you hear about through your network of contacts. These action alerts will be syndicated out to the full network through the use of .rss feeds. As time goes on and more and more websites and blogs that “plug in”, the list of posters and action alerts will grow and eventually become what we think will be a great activist tool.
2) The website now has a mobile phone version so that you can get up to date alerts right on your cell phone. No special software is needed.
3) You can keep up to date on actions either through your mobile phone or the website itself.
4) We plan a large representation of 9-11 related meet-up groups as time goes on. If yours is not represented, please contact us and let us know about you and your meet-up group!
5) Widgets are now available so that folks can place one at their websites to begin building the web of .rss feed syndication. Please get these widgets and post them at your websites, blogs, MySpace, and Facebook pages.
6) The site is set up for quick posting of action alerts to the web, MySpace, and Facebook.

Scott will be a guest on my program in an upcoming episode where we will go more in depth into the site, its functions, and how to use it. However, until then, please feel free to take a look at what we have there and jump in and give it a try! Sign up and start posting your action alerts!

Also, please send this email to your lists and encourage your folks to join up as well…


Michael Wolsey
Activate Now!