The Washington State 9/11 Investigators at the Olympia Anti-War Rally

The Washington 9/11 Investigators participated in an anti-war rally in Olympia, WA on March 22nd. We handed out quite a few DVDs and Architect & Engineer's for 9/11 Truth info cards. The anti-war community has gotten on board with our message since they helped us host a lecture with David Ray Griffin back in December. But there are still a few that haven't made the connection, a couple people wondered what 9/11 and Ron Paul had to do with peace and stopping the wars (members of our group were also helping out with a Campaign for Liberty table). We made our case to the unawakened and I think got their attention, still, it's hard to see people working towards the same goals but blind to the root cause of the problem, one person was almost appalled that we'd suggest mass murder by our government (and this at a anti-war rally??). Anyways, things went well. Our group is getting bigger and we are now officially a non-profit organization so we can get truth videos on the local public access TV, which should start in a couple of months. We've also got someone who runs an underground FM station in the area who's going to start airing 9/11 related programs.

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I am thrilled at aligning 9/11 Truth with other groups!

I love seeing this. Way to go!!! ...The Green party, the anti-war party, the Ron Paul campaigns... ...there are so many groups with which we can align ourselves in forwarding "9/11 Truth". Taking advantage of this common 'motion' towards Truth with other allied communities will help broadcast our message.
North Texans for 9/11 Truth

These people are already VOCAL and not afraid to stand up and ..

be counted. They just need to see the futility of their efforts and the efficacy of OUR endeavor for the same ends.


North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Good job but...

Ron Paul is not a truth person. He is an anti-war congressman like Kusinich and others but EXPLICITELY does NOT get the connection you are talking about.

There are many common goals with 9/11 Truth and...

All 9/11 Truth Advocates support peace and non-violence. This is a common goal between our group and many others.
9/11 Truth Advocates also support transparency in government, while opposing false flag terrorism. 9/11 Truthers support the Constitution. 9/11 Truthers want an end to the Federal Reserve System and International Bankers who manipulate societies. The 9/11 Truth Community demands an end to the corporatocracy and military-industrial-corporate complex.
These are common goals. It is fine to unite with other groups towards common goals. We can use this 'motion' to also promote 9/11 Truth. Our Texas group is very successful at promoting 9/11 Truth when supporting other group events.

By the way, Ron Paul does talk about the need for a true independent investigation of 9/11. There are a variety of videos where he addresses 9/11, but in this audio radio interview Ron Paul discusses Building 7 and the shortcomings of The 9/11 Commission Report. --6/21/2007 Ron Paul Wake Up America Pat Gorman interview/call-in about 18:30 into the interview--->

Its best to keep 9/11 truth a-political...

Even though Kucinich placed references to the events of 9/11 ingto his call for impeachment, and that Cynthia McKinney, the Green Parety candidate, seems to support the 9/11 Truth Movement, its important to remember that 95% of the criminals known as politicians in WDC were on watch in WDC on 9/11/2001. They have collectively failed to protect this country as the Pentagon and its suppliers have had their way with these political prostitutes.

Consequently, any investigation into the attacks on 9/11 is an investigation into their own involvement and since most sitting politicians have pockets filled from the Pentagon and its Military Industrial Complex, its pretty doubtful that ANY political candidate or politician, or any small number of politicians will either have effect in WDC, or last very long there if they support 9/11 Truth.

A far more reaching and longer lasting objective is to get CITIZENS into the 9/11 Truth Rabbitt Hole, let them see whatever malfeasance that tweaks their interest, encourage those citizens to become reinvolved in their country, and finally, to take action by "throwing the current bums out"...and then reshaping a government responsive to its citizens and NOT to its corporations.

Or, better said yet, wrest the country that corporations now own from their greedy strangling hands and put control and governance into the citizen's hands.

We need to give those citizens who become enlightend to governmental-corporate-military-financial institution malfeasances SOMETHING TO DO with this newly mined knowledge...IE: some way to make a change [and of course We Are Change isn't the organization to do this-although they could have been.]

Its INFORMED CONSENT that should rule this country and the 9/11 TRUTH [for PEACE] Movement has created the best methodology for modern public activism in "informing the public" with its Civil Informationing processes of handing out DVDs and steering folks to good websites etc.

The next step is the CONSENT part...where citizens either withold or give their "consent" to their governance. This is where we should encourage average citizens to become more involved this year in their own governance than they were invoilved last year.

Waiting for complete justice, prosecutions, and trials surrounding the events on 9/11/2001 will be lengthy, and should not be abandoned...but, in the meantime, we can do alotta "informing" of the public for the benefit of all.

Clearly, the anti-war movements have become gatekeepers regarding the 9/11 Truth Movement, and that crowd could be a significant force should they "get it"...that 9/11 was a false flag operation to get us into the wars that Bush wanted for his friends to make money from...and for the Pentagon to create a NEW "evil empire" [the Muslim world] so that it can justify its annual FEAR BASED BUDGET.

I'm an older hippe and have participated in many "lefty" meetings, groups and intiiatives...and its STUNNING how blind lefties are to simple facts that are placed right in front of their noses...even though they are saying the exact same thing...flat out STUNNING! So, there will always be some peace activists who just CAN'T get it.

This phenomina does not speak to the infiltration of peace groups over the years that made the anti-war movements ineffective...[except in accomplishing the exact opposite of their intended goals]. Those "friendly players" will become easily exposed through CI...Civil Information Activisms and NOT through big marches, CD and last century's models of civic activisms. Its 2009 and NOT 1969...

So, my good friends in Olympia, many in the the anti-war movements down there are CD first and also quite self indulgent, so, be aware of them hacking your next event. Please keep up perfoming CI...Civil Informationing, teach them modern ways for civc and public activisms, and welcome them to participate in YOUR ways of doing things in the modern era.

Love, Peace and Progress with...


Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: I just attended the Amy Goodman speaking event in Olympia on 3/29 with my large "9/11 TRUTH leads to PEACE" banner [along with other messaging posters such as END ALL WARS...and GREEN ENERGY and JOBS-NOT WAR...and GET INVOLVED-STAY INVOLVED...and even the messaging about voting that I sign off with above].

The idea was to "politely and respectfully" go right at the "left gatekeepers" to the Truth behind 9/11, which the majority of Goodman's listeners actually are [Amy knows the Truth about 9/11 as does Naomi Klein...but they want to remain able to speak and communicate].

Doing this at events like Goodman's the same tactic as attending peace marches and the like. long as its informational, respectful and civil. Thankfully, at least one member of the Olympia 9/11 Truth gang walked up and attended the CI actions with me...and it all went very well. rdh