Colbert tears into Glenn Beck's "9/12" Project

"The 9/12 project is not for families directly affected by 9/11, just people building their careers on it." - Stephen Colbert.

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Colbert Went Where the New York Times Feared to Tread on Glenn Beck

by Greg Mitchell

Was it another Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer takedown? Another case of a faux newsman going where the mainstream media dared not go?

It was shocking last night to watch the usually pro-right-wing Colbert persona lay into Beck without an ounce of sympathy. It came just one day after the New York Times' front page profile of Beck that failed to fully air his dirty laundry and mainly treated him as just another popular entertainer.

Colbert, as you will read and see following this link, expressed (albeit with his usual twinkle and silly Halloween coda) all of the passion, and skill, shown by Stewart when he went after Cramer. He was not just foolin' around.

Something obviously got to him. Perhaps it was a part left out of the Times' piece, which covered Beck's new "9/12" movement without mentioning that Beck had attacked 9/11 families and said he was sick of hearing about it and them. The punch line: "The 9-12 project is not for families directly affected by 9/11 -- just people building their careers on it." ...


Email them..

With requests to cover 9/11 Truth. You know Stephen Colbert could slip it in there here and there with his comedy and wit. Here are the only addresses I've found for him or related to his team.

You just never know where the next break is going to come from. Peace.

And now Greg Mitchell joins others on the Huffington Post who have covered 9/11

Melissa Rossi:

Kristen Breitweiser:

Thanks for that one!

Don't watch much TV these days, but I know enough to know that Beck is a tool and a moron.

People actually follow Beck's blathering? We've a lot of work to do....

Truth and Liberty Movement

Colbert is funny. John Stewart too. They both have large pools of crack writers. The problem I have with both of them is that they cause plenty of people to laugh off some serious matters. Some would argue that they provide comfort during wreck-less times. I say they wittingly or unwittingly diffuse the puncturing power of the tip of the spear that truth is riding on. Still, I see this video and laugh, especially because it snuffs out the low life deuce bag Glen Speck. I think though it'd be good to take a step back and remember that the fake left right paradigm as created by the mainstream media is what got most of us falling for their lies which has resulted in the present debacle we are all in. Think about how spot on Colbert was in this vid in exposing the ridiculousness of Glenn Beck. Great stuff. But then if I look pass the laughing with Colbert and recognize that he doesn't acknowledge 911 Truth, well, that's just as ridiculous. I'd hate to see Glenn Beck get any solid footing in the Truth and Liberty Movement. I'd hate to see Colbert and the like get the upper hand on framing the emerging voice of truth and liberty.

How political satire works...

Good humor relaxes the tensly folded arms of closed minds...most noteably, regarding subjects that are politically, socially, racially, economically, sexually, class structure, war and peace, or in any other way discomforting, divisive or subject to ABJECT DENIALS by audiences and citizens.

In my odd life and the odd pathways that I have traveled, I've been very fortunate to spend some time with, and actually help build the careers of quite a few politically savvy and FEARLESS comics who speak truth to power. They brilliantly and courageously do this with clever, well informed and biting satirical humor designed to penetrate the mind and soul of the more typical citizen when they are standing staunchly impenetrable...usually from fear or ignorance.

Four of the five daily shows of AirAmericaRadio [since exposed as a faction of the Greater Israel Project along with getting Al Franken elected to the senate], were manned by comics who benefitted from their time at Catch A Rising Star in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. One of my tasks assigned to me as artistic coordinator of that comedy-music-poetry-spoken word-storytelling club was to offer my analysis of some comics that Catch HQ would send our way.

One such comic was Jon Stewart [not his real name]...and the report was: "Manages the stage well, can tell a joke, can command the audience, is hollywood pretty, and DESPARATELY needs writers as he has only 19 minutes of material". Headliners needed a minimum of 45 minutes back then.

Ironically, but perhaps not, Stewart had NOT ONE SINGLE MINUTE OF POLITICAL SATIRE or any such commentary in his early work before he got to Lizz Winstead's "The Daily Show".

Now, flat out, that was very high praise considering the cookie cutter comics that were coming of age back then in the early 90s.

Anyway, beyond the above background, and putting my commentary in context...its quite important to believe in one thing and understand another.

First...the 9/11 Truth Movement is awsome and we have the goods on the REAL EVIL DOERS in this world...let alone in this country. We get it...those killer thugs for profit are dead ass guilty! we continue to grow in speaking TRUTH TO POWER, please try and understand that each person in the effort, whether "9/11 OUT" or not, needs the room to do what they do about all of it in the ways that they CAN and need to handle it.

For example: most of the hard core Truthers had already planned on how Willie needed to deal with his audiences regarding 9/11. YIKES...Truthers were now in position to tell Willie how to manage his career!...and his heart!


Give it a break.

The truth of revolutions is that those first to revolt are not equipped to finish the job...thay smash down the huge gates, break into the castle and really know best the way to do this. Finishing the revolution is another story. The finish is also full of people with different assets for the revolution.

Make no doubt about it...the gate crashers NEED TO BE FIRST...and that's what the 9/11 truhers are...the most respected group of human beings in my seven decades on this planet. [a few cointelpros excepted]

So PLEASE...can we lighten up on the wonderful people who are coming to understand what we have understood for quite some time now?

The fact is that I KNEW that the attacks were allowed by our military by the evening of 9/11 itself...but chose NOT to blather on about it at that time.

I'm an old PATCO guy and have been around during the Asassinations, the Vietnam War, Iran Contra, Watergate and all the other malfeasances that have happened at the hand of the ruling class since the early 60s. So, I knew that it would be a LOOOOONG time before ordinary citizens would be emotionally available to even BEGIN contemplating that their government "offed" 3K of its own citizens to make military, big oil and ruling class profits. Then, when I saw Griffin on C-Span, I knew that it was time to begin a good chat about the FAA-RADAR-NORAD-PENTAGON scam.

So, trying to tie all of this together...each individual person needs to deal with the TRUTH about 9/11 in their own way and on their own schedule. I KNOW that Amy Goodman KNOWS about 9/11 but she needs to remain on air. I have been TOLD that Naomi Klein KNOWS about 9/11 but needs to be able to be published. There are hundreds more lurking out there...

So, all I ask is that those of us who are impatient because other people, those with something to loose, are not behaving LIKE WE DO, be more understanding of them as people, and respectfdul of how they are choosing to deal with it.

And I believe that KO also does Rachel Maddow...but they simply have to do what they do to remain employed by GE...a defense contractor.

In the end, we have the TRUTH on our side...and many, many people know it...and most people who are in the public domain need to inch towards exposing the TRUTH in a variety of ways to remain in the public domain.

Moving on regarding what we can continue to do...

Please continue supporting Cosmos and hit the streets on every 11th...please keep performing CI...Civil Informationing at all sorts of public events...and please give those who are on, or soon may be on our side a BIG break.

Colbert roasting Beck has less to do with Beck than it does about letting viewers know that 9/11 was used by many bad people for many bad reasons...and that includes going to wars for profit. what political satire is all about...getting information into the heart and soul of the ordinary folk in clever and funny ways.

The best political satirists end up making their points to the audience when the audience members are driving home from the show, or at work the next day as the "back brain" messages and new thoughts creep into the "fore brains".

For this I commend Colbert for roasting Beck...and challenge Stewart to do more...much more.

But he isn't really Jon Stewart in the first place. DOT...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

Very interesting...

Thanks for sharing that.

And it really is a problem that great people like Naomi Klein feel like they're being pushed by us. At one speech of hers, Naomi Klein called the 9/11 report "an embarrassment", thanked the 9/11 skeptic for his "contribution", said that she has "many, many questions" and that she "also would put nothing past these guys" - and our representative thanked her for these remarkable words by angrily screaming at her for not going far enough. When will people realize that this aggressive approach, no matter how frustrated we are, is totally counterproductive? After all, aggressive behaviour has always been a preferred CoIntelPro method because it makes movements look bad in the eyes of the public. Being respectful, like We Are Change was with Naomi Wolf, is much, much more effective. I'm 100 percent with you, Robin, when it comes to Civil Informationing. That's the way to go.

The least we can ask

Thanks for your thoughtful comments as usual.

But just to emphasize, again--the problem with gatekeeping re 9/11 in the so-called alernative media isn't nearly so much that they aren't openly enlisting in our ranks and denouncing the official story as fraudulent; but rather that they are continuing to serve in the enemy lines whenever they treat the government's account as beyond question regarding the matters of who did 9/11, what is 'al Qaeda,' and what the actual motives are for the 'war on terror'. However tricky their position may be, I don't think it's too much for us to say that if you're not ready to openly come out as a 9/11 truther, then at least stop helping the warmongering imperialists by treating their narrative as proven and beyond question--and thereby give your audiences a chance to decide for themselves how willing they are to question the official version, and how far they will go in that questioning. If you are not going to actively help to open minds re 9/11, then at least do NOT actively work at keeping them closed. Which is what is accomplished every time they invoke the name of 'al Qaeda' in a manner so unquestioning of the official narrative that it's barely distinguishable from what you find in the major corporate media.

Its Evidence and Information that will get around the blockages.

I feel that most people are good of heart and soul, [certainly not the HI PERP thugs, war criminals, financial scam artists and other "Cheney-like" excuses for human beings] and these good people will comprise the group that unlocks this magnanimous event.

I must also point out that NOBODY has all the answers, and NOBODY has a complete grip on what evidence we have right now. David Ray Griffin seems to be outfront on this but still, there is evidence and information that he has to not deal with at this time...because there is too much of it.

And this is my point, each person who is moved by these horriffic ongoing events and wants to do something about it will take actions appropriate to their skills, undrstandings, knowledge and position in their lives. For us to demand that everybody expose every aspect of what we believe is the truth at each public venue, TV show, book or article is not reasonable, and perhaps even a bit hypocritical because so few of us can briefly and consisely state all the stuff we WANT to state.

The TRUTHS behind 9/11 are as wide ranging as any event ever to happen on this earth. Layer by layer the collective 9/11 Truth community will peel away at the 9/11 onion until we find the last few layers of corrupted humanity. The best that we can ask is that each good sould do their very best in their own ways to help out.

Support Cosmos celebrations on every 11th...if not more often...[cointelpro will be trying to dissuade us from continuing this practice-obviously...and less obvious, to practice impatience with those who ARE aware but can't speak freely lest they loose their positions]...and keep up the approach that information will be handled appropriately by good people.

The trick is to get citizens into the 9/11 TRUTH [for PEACE] Rabbitt Hole...and then let them get off at whatever subject matter strikes their fancy, or better yet for this discussion, matches their skill set and position in life.

The HI PERPS fear INFORMED CITIZENRY that cosistently practice INFORMED VOTING. So, its best to continue doing what they fear most...keep informing citizenry...and keep urging people to become more involved in their own governances.

Love, Peace and Progress with


...this will "throw the rich ruling class bums out" and its just the beginning...

Robin Hordon


.....................I am done ! America is to stupid to see the truth. I know we are tried. I guess we deserve our fate.. Vote this post down. Those that do........... are lieing to yourself.

You are right in that many people are unwilling to look...

I think that we all our our moments of frustration on this endeavor.

You are right in that many people are "unwilling to look", unwilling to confront, unwilling to know...which makes them stupid by definition. Many are willingly stupid, because they desire not to know.
But there are those who are willing to confront. There are many who do want to know even if it may be painful to confront the truth. We are here for them. We in The 9/11 Truth Movement are here to encourage people to confront the Truth despite its painful reality.

Personally, I think all societies have a major populace which is unwilling to confront, which desires not to know. We call them sheeple, because they stupidly follow the crowd, because they stupidly do not want to know. The Elite are very aware of this aspect in societies. Sheeple are easily manipulated.

But there are many in society who can confront and who are able and have integrity. My mission is to find those who are ready to take that next step, who are ready to look at the Truth surrounding 9/11. Once an individual opens that door of 9/11 Truth, a whole new awareness starts to take shape. Not everyone is ready to open the door. My quest is to find many, many, many people who are ready to open that door.

This Isn't Right...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

You know...

What this looks like it's turning into? A 9/11 Civil War. Those who seek truth, accountability, and justice for that day, against those who wish to use that day to destroy this country. We have been peaceful, and non-violent (despite what the people over at SLC have to say. Yes, there have been exceptions, but they make up about .01% of the entire movement). I wonder if they will be as noble.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

And I have news for Glenn Beck.

I AM the person I was on 9/12, and HAVE BEEN SINCE THAT DAY. I want those who were responsible for that horrible atrocity to be held accountable, and brought to justice. That desire has NEVER gone away.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

so what dudes? colbert took

so what dudes? colbert took a shot at beck. big deal. when colbert starts talking about
building 7, wargames, cheney, mineta and such let me know. and btw, beck's comments
about 911 families was taken out of context. i believe that piece of sh-t was refering to
911 families that are involved in the 911 truth movement. thats why he said 'about 10 of
them'. so yeah, any publicity is good, but come on. are we so desperate for it? and isnt it
silly from us to crave MSM publicity when its the MSM that is responsible for 911 truth
blackout? neither colbert nor stewart said one goddamn word about 911. as far as im
concerned, colbert and stewart are as bad as beck. when you actually think about it.


"wtf i hate all cops"