Hitchens, Raimondo debate "Al-Qaeda"

Program from Al-Jazeera entitled "Al-Qaeda at 20" sees Christopher Hitchens, Justin Raimondo from anti-war.com and Nazar Janabi from the Washington Institute debate the nature and development of "Al-Qaeda".

Raimondo argues "blowback" and mentions early CIA funding but is hamstrung by his refusal to explore present-day intelligence concerning "Al-Qaeda" and 911. This allows Hitchens to move in for the kill.

Rainmondo= False Opposition

Hitchens= Real Deal

I enjoyed that debate.

Pure propaganda from Al-Jazeera

Mr. Hitchens pushes the hard core "clash of civilizations" meme that fully supports the fraudulent war on terror with no real understanding of the history of western created "Islamic" terrorist groups such as the mythical al Qaeda.

Mr. Raimondo was clearly chosen to be the ineffectual counter to make Mr. Hitchens look more academic.

Did you all notice the chyron they ran about five minutes into the second part, it read:

FBI: Evidence Linking Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to 9/11 Attacks Undeniable

If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about Al -Jazeera and the intentions of its Qatari owners, I don't know what more you need to see.

Fox News with better music.


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