Core of Corruption now on Google Video

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We wanted to tell everyone that due to DVD production and mastering delays, DVDs are shipping this week. We wanted to have them ship last week to be ontime for the release date, unfortunately they could not be shipped until this week. Your DVD will be shipped based on its order date on the list, all DVDs will be shipped by this Friday, some have already been sent. Everyday orders are going out right now. We are filling orders as we speak. Sorry for the delays and you can look forward to getting your copy of Core of Corruption: In the Shadows very soon! We are also throwing in some other free merchandise in the orders to make up for the delays.

Thank you so much for your support and all of your orders.

-Jonathan Elinoff

Director, Core of Corruption

While you wait, we did manage to get the film on Google Video. It is lower quality resolution so if you can't wait for your DVD(s) to arrive, have fun watching this:

The series is going to cover a complete and comprehensive case about the biggest conspiracy in the world and the evidence that proves it exists. It connects Kennedy, Iran Contra, Watergate, Drug Running, 9/11 and even the current economic crisis we’re in today with all the same figures and a central theme of how they did it will also be shown. Never before seen video evidence and news clips, most of which have not been seen since they aired have been surfaced for this groundbreaking event.

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Video stops at 43:15 for me

Stopped playing at the above time spot. The download status bar was well beyond that but also stopped.

Sonic Architechs?

At 01:38 "Sonic Architechs" should read "Sonic Architects"?
Looking forward to watching it.


There is an amazing amount of evidence packed into it.

Added to our website.


North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Footage I've never seen...

I'd never seen the shot at 1:50:15. I wonder if that has been determined to be accurate etc. Pretty amazing. Surprised I hadn't seen that before.

The video clip is in error,

The video clip is in error, the anchors are speculating what happened, moments after the plane hit the south tower, see here:

Wow! Wow! This film is great!!

This film is a landmark!! I personally believe that this film will carry a tremendous impact in the forward motion of The 9/11 Truth Movement.


I consider it close to being the video equivalent of the History Commons Project and their Complete 9/11 Timeline. Jonathan did with Video clips what Paul Thompson did with the print media, compiled the relevant pieces and put them together in a way that destroyed the respectability and credibility of the official story. Totally awesome. Now we just need to get people to care and have access to the information.

And on a side note History Commons isn't loading for me tonight. I hope he isn't in need of money to keep that site going. Anyway looking forward to more of the work of Jonathan and his film series.

well stated...being the video equivalent Complete 9/11 Timeline

"Jonathan did with Video clips what Paul Thompson did with the print media, compiled the relevant pieces and put them together in a way that destroyed the respectability and credibility of the official story. "

This film should embarrass mainstream media. I consider this film "tops" in reporting the real news by connecting all the dots.

Here's another one by the same bro.

Well done!

I just watched it all the way through. Great job! Comprehensive! I look forward to more.

I noticed one small voiceover error. At about 1:12:50, when referencing the Israeli company that suddenly moved out of one of the WTC towers, the voiceover says they "fortified" when I think he meant to say they "forfeited."

Oh no !

....this is not news! Shows us more Brittney & American idol !......My dad always said. It's one thing to be shit on, it's another to have your nose rubbed in it !
WAKE UPI AMERICA!........... This is a very good video!

Just over an hour in...

Outstanding so far. From the moment I "woke up" some time in early or mid 2006, this is the type of thing I've been waiting to see. Final judgment will be reserved for the end of the film, but at this point I'm very impressed. This will be impossible to ignore by anyone but the most incredulous mouth-breathers.

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