Glenn Beck's FEMA Backflip

This video consists of a several clips from from Fox News featuring Glenn Beck. In the first part he makes some very disturbing claims about the reality of FEMA detainment camps and the possiblity of a totalitarian takeover of the United States with the imposition of martial law. In the next segment he completely reverses his position, saying that the information was not properly researched, despite having claimed earlier that his team had spent days researching and "could not debunk it".

Next we see Beck interviewing Congressman Ron Paul, who, while not confirming the existence of the camps, nontheless says there is "justified concern" and makes some disturbing claims of his own about the enormous power which FEMA wields, giving them the ability to put people camps without further legislation.

In the final section James Meigs of Hearst publications makes a direct comparison between the FEMA camp claims and 9/11 "conspiracy theories".

Meigs was the author of a massively flawed Popular Mechanics piece which attempted to debunk the 9/11 truth movement, and particpated in a debate with a young and inexperienced Dylan Avery in 2006.

The views put forward by Meigs regarding the collapse of WTC 7 have subsequently been refuted even by NIST, the official governent body which investigated the 9/11 building collapses.

The full "investigative" piece on the "FEMA Camps" from James Meigs is due Monday 6th April.