SPECIAL EVENT: Splitting the Sky (John Boncore) to speak in Vancouver, BC, April 10th, 2009

The “Coalition of the Willing” is pleased to announce that Splitting the Sky (aka John Boncore), the man who has been taking action and speaking out since the early 70s on so many fronts, including the Attica Rebellion and the Gustafsen Lake Stand Off, and who has been investigating the 9/11 money trail to expose the real perps, AND connecting the dots to those behind the global financial collapse. Most recently he tried to arrest George W. Bush in Calgary for war crimes, and is now, himself, being charged for assault for trying to effect a "citizen's arrest" of Bush. You will learn WHY he did this and WHAT he hopes to accomplish with his court case, and HOW this is important for all activists, and indeed for humanity.

If you are concerned with what is really going on in this world, interested in understanding 9/11, the war on terror, and interested in peace and justice, or concerned with globalization and in stopping the New World Order agenda that is now openly being talked about now by world leaders, you need to see, hear, meet and support Splitting the Sky! You will never hear a better speaker, nor meet a more dedicated, passionate and caring man with integrity, courage and moral character.

We apologize for the short notice, but it was unavoidable, and we hope that those in the Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley will take the time and make the effort to come out and support Splitting the Sky!

Even if you cannot make it personally, PLEASE let others know who may be interested!


Friday, April 10th at:
2150 Maple Street (near W. 6th, 2 blocks west of Burrard St.)
Vancouver, BC
From 7 pm to 10 PM

Admission will be strictly by donation of whatever you can afford (no minimum)

NOTE: Seating is limited to 50. There are no advance tickets, and presently, no way to effectively RSVP (though we are working on it), so we would advise you to be there early.

We are hoping to add some possible additional speakers or performers too.

Splitting the Sky will be travelling to Victoria, BC on Saturday to tape a TV show appearance and possibly speak there in the evening too. We have received word that there is a demonstration going on there at the B.C. Parliament Buildings regarding the global financial situation and bailouts, and if time allows, he may speak there too. We're still waiting for more details on that and will try to arrange for it, as well as for an evening benefit event to raise cash for his legal defence.

Further details and updates will be posted at:


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The “Coalition of the Willing”

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