My new blog: "9/11 Truth Burnout"

"This is a blog for those like myself who support the discovery and promotion of 9/11 truth but who have lost interest, stopped participating, or are generally frustrated with the movement, due to intentional disruption, ineffective leadership, counter-productive strategy, partisanship, or the promotion of poorly founded speculation."

"I hope to air out the deep frustrations of many people who want the truth but feel that the movement is not facing it's own truth. In the process I also hope to offer reasons for optimism and continued investment."

"If not me, then who?" stated my 9/11 Truth mentor, Joe


"seminal" (definition)--> "containing or contributing the seeds of later development"

9/11 is the seminal event of our time. It is the event that should radicalize the people of this country. If any one event would, it is this one.
It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth. And you have to continue to bear that torch and try to get it into the mainstream, and not be discouraged when you don’t.
And not be discouraged when you get discredited, and when you get attacked and when you are ignored, because that is the nature always of prophesy and prophets in their own time.
I ask you not to mourn the passing of democracy and of liberty in this country. Don’t mourn it, because mourning takes energy. It is negative. Don’t mourn the passing of democracy – Organize. Organize to restore it wherever it is possible for you to do so. Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again as though from the ashes, and rebuild this great land. ---WILLIAM PEPPER

Great quote!

If only it were as easy to make it happen as it is to read it. Determination doesn't prevent burnout. But I do think that being realistic does help. We need to have a concrete sense of what to expect as we pursue this effort. Lofty goals don't help. But neither does excessive pessimism. It's not an easy balance to achieve.


....Wow! Was doing my daily search of my favorites websites, stopping here first. Was thinking the same thing when i went from the 9/11 Blogger news section to the blogs.
It's sad to see the explosive evidence about many of the worlds issues on the internet, and yet the masses remain docile. You find yourself asking, what the hell is it going to take before people say enough already!
I can only imagine the frustration that the dedicated people in the truth movement must feel.
Our corporate owned, and controlled media is in my opinion the major concern of all Americans right now.
Or at least it should be.
I wouldn't be surprised that if all the guilty involved with 9/11 made a confession tape, and it was discovered by the truth movement, you wouldn't hear about it on the major media networks. Bullsh*t huh?
It would seem that Americans won't be upset until the bag of burning shit ends up on their doorstep.

P.S. Checked out the blogspot. Very well spoken!


Thanks. I've been wondering just that lately. What if we did find the ultimate smoking gun? How effectively would the MSM be able to squash the news? One of my main concerns about the NYC ballot initiative is that the commissioners are mostly 9/11 truth people. The whole thing will very easily be dismissed as biased. And now we have that new paper from stj911 and it's being totally ignored by the U.S. mainstream media. What would it take to break through?


hopefully when the day of truth comes it doesn't stop at half assed. I also want the question asked. Where the hell was the media on this! So don't fill the FEMA camps yet! I am sure when the truth comes out we will have a need for alot of space. Our government needs an enema!
With all the justifiable information we have, and no media coverage on it, well lets just say
it obvious.
Never lose hope!

"I wouldn't be surprised

"I wouldn't be surprised that if all the guilty involved with 9/11 made a confession tape, and it was discovered by the truth movement, you wouldn't hear about it on the major media networks."

Nicholas Levis has written a great onionesque satire about this:

Cheney Says He Masterminded 9/11, But the Spinners Refuse to Be Spun

It also satirizes the movement and how certain people wouldn't accept such a confession if it didn't fit to their pet theories, so it's related to the actual topic of this thread, too.

Jules, I feel your frustration.

Naturally, you are of course aware this blog entry of yours will cause a certain amount of celebration amongst certain "debunkers" as "proof" the movement is dying, but of course they're full of shit in more ways than one and are on the wrong side of history, so what the hell. I feel your frustration too. I wish Cincinnati 9/11 truth would attract some larger numbers like those I see of the west or east coast truth movement chapters.

Right now in cincy911truth, the dedicated "core" of the group is under ten people, even though probably about 40 or more are on the googlegroups mailing list. Here in Cincinnati, on a local conservative talk radio online forum, I listed all the credible professionals for 9/11 truth sites (ae, pilots, etc.) and one guy responded with "". As I drive the freeway amongst the millions of masses, it's frustrating as hell that only 10 people from the entire area care enough to do street action on the 11th of the month. With the new conclusive evidence from Dr. Jones' study, we really are at a point now where the comparison of denialist Americans to denialist post-war Germans who couldn't bring themselves to accept the reality of the concentration camps is not an obscene or even exaggerated comparison.

Unfortunately, and this goes for many people on "the left" as well, the "myth of American exceptionalism" is too deeply engrained in their psyche. When our group did street action at Cincy's "Riverfest" last august, we went counterflow to the pedestrian traffic exiting the Reds game. We're looking mostly here at the white suburban population of Cincinnati. (All non-white ethnicities, incidentally, are open and receptive to a person.) That demographic is the one that jeers us, that yells at us to "Get a job!" et cetera. That being said, my parents and I are immigrants from England, and my dad is originally from Pakistan. He also wants to buy the myth of American exceptionalism, having grown up in a country where domestic violence is de facto legal and there truly is little justice for women, "infidels" etc. When I first tried to introduce 9/11 truth to him, his denialist answer was: "Son, do you realize that if they got caught, that would be end of the republican party for the rest of history?"

One of the guys at Riverfest, an aging man, looked at our signs and shook his head in complete disgust. When I opened my mouth to speak, he got in my face and said "Don't even fuckin' talk to me, I'm a Viet Nam Veteran!" I would have loved to have informed him of the Gulf of Tonkin lie, but needless to say I wanted to keep my front teeth! Also, recently I was in a restaurant with some pro-Vietnam War murals on the wall, including one which said "Our Cause Was Just." I pointed this out to the woman next to me and brought up the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, and my words were met with awkward silence. My politically aware buddy on the woman's other side basically defended the restaurant's pro-war murals by saying "Oh, they just don't know the facts, plus they can't bring themselves face to face with the fact that 58,000 kids were killed over a lie." To that the lady said, "Thank you." I later asked her if my bringing up the Vietnam thing offended her, and why she thanked the other guy for intervening, and she said, "Well, he relieved me of the conversation." See, we're just never supposed to bring up politically awkward or historically painful topics in polite conversation. Some might say to me, "Adam, it was a group dinner, the conversation was supposed to be lively and happy, not about shit like what you brought up." But people never talk or think about important things, whether alone or in a group. People want mind candy to stay happy. And the large media gives it to them. And the Karl Roves of the world take full advantage of our lack of thinking skills and our belief in the myth of American Exceptionalism.

Anyway, I haven't checked out your blog yet, will do so now. I also wonder if there will be a point in which I finally snap, say "America gets what it deserves" and move to Europe (I have EU citizenship). I don't think I'll ever quit being an online activist from whatever corner of the world, but there might come a point where I lose my patience with actually trying to fix America from within. Plus I have a non-political desire to be a citizen of the world.

Of course the MSM is largely to blame...

...for the movement's slow rate of progress. The MSM has so much influence which can not be underestimated. During times of frustration, it's nice to get cheered up with this: