What sort of investigation do we want into 9/11?

As a sort of poll and as an exercise to see how creative the movement can be thinking up solutions, what sort of investigation do you think we need in order to get the truth about 9/11. Please be specific about who will do the investigation, where the investigation will take place (i.e. in what kind of courtroom) and how will the investigator get at the truth. You can leave your answers as comments to this post. You can also vote up ideas you like and ideas you dislike.

Me personally I am divided on the issue. Part of me wants an independent investigator in a court of law, like William Pepper, to have subpoena power over the likes of Larry Silverstein, Dick Cheney and Buzzy Krongard, and I would like to see all of them executed for their treason.

But another part of me says if we prosecute people like them the system will replace them and false flag terror attacks will continue. Therefore in order to for us to move forward and to have a real chance at changing the system that creates these false flag attacks, we first need for society as a whole to acknowledge this truth, that the system we are living under saw it fit to kill 3000 innocent people on 9/11 because of the tremendous benefits they reaped in its aftermath. We need to understand exactly how it happened, who did it, who was instructing them, who was above them, etc. We need to understand the events of September 11th as much as possible. Once it is general knowledge among the public about who partook in the events of September 11th and why, and I mean general knowledge like how everyone knows about who took part in Watergate, we will need to come together and heal and take a long hard look at what is wrong with the system, and what needs to change. And then we can undertake the tremendous task of rebuilding the system better than it was before, so that it never comes to be that someone can benefit from plotting the murder of thousands of people. You cannot get those responsible for 9/11 to come forward and confess to their crimes unless they are offered immunity. So part of me thinks we need some kind of truth and reconciliation committee like they had in South Africa at the end of apartheid. This is something I am constantly grappling with. What is the nature of justice? Do we get more justice from seeing those responsible executed, or from making sure that no false flag terror attack will take place again? Are the two necessarily mutually exclusive? Perhaps I am wrong and if we simply lockup all the Rockefellers Krongards and Cheneys of the world there will be no more shadow governments or false flag terror attacks. This is a constant battle inside me.

But enough about me, what sort of investigation do you want to see. In the courts? A special prosecutor? Congressional inquiry? Please lets get a lively debate going about what our different options are and their merits and weaknesses. Maybe if we can figure out what kind of an investigation we want it will help us get it.

They will never allow a truly independent investigation

of the entire event of 9/11. I think that's obvious. However, I like to believe, in my more idealistic moments, that "they" could be surprised by a backdoor investigation into, say, insider trading prior to 9/11, which in turn could reveal other secrets/connections.

A collaboration of the

A collaboration of the attorneys that got "fired" for prosecution and Susan Day O'conner for the Judge. The investigation team should be made up from all the reporters that retired before and in the early part of the Bush administrations term.

But I agree with you that everyone needs to be educated about 9/11.

I just wish people had faster computer Internet connections. That does seem to be a big obstacle for me. They just can't download the larger videos because they don't want to take that much time.