We Are Change Arizona. Operation ASU

Watch the video and see what We Are Change Arizona and Freedom's Phoenix is doing for Obama's visit to Arizona State University on may 13th. Please help contribute to this project at http://www.chipin.com/mywidgets/id/586c343ef91bff21
We have been very busy here in Phoenix. Obama will be speaking at the ASU graduation on may 13th. We Are Change Arizona/Freedom's Phoenix will have 10,000 (or more) DVD's of Obama Deception/Freedom to Fascism that we will be passing out to ever person we see.
Also during Obama's visit we will be broadcasting the audio of Obama Deception on multiple pirated FM transmitters. We have already burnt thousands of DVD's and made hundreds of banners to advertise Operation ASU (seen in above video)
Thank you to everyone who has already contributed and who is willing to contribute. Your donations are extremely helpful.
Now let's wake some people up!


I Commend This Effort!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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