Chris Hedges "was there" and saw Building 7 "go down" and "it does" look like a controlled demolition, but he's not sure it was.

On February 4, 2009, Chris Hedges was on hand at the Hammer Museum in Westwood, CA, to participate on a panel entitled "Homegrown Hatred."
(Watch the whole discussion here: )
While much of the discussion was fear-mongering and highly propagandistic, some of Hedges deeper insights made it more than bearable, despite being personally singled out by moderator Ian Masters to not be allowed to ask a question. An aside on Ian Masters: Mr. Masters considers having had Matt Taibbi on his show on KPFK to childishly impugn the 9-11 truth movement to be his journalistic contribution to uncovering the darker truths of 9/11. However, Masters is to be commended for directing me to ask Hedges about his take on the destruction of Building 7.

At about 3:30 into the video, Hedges responds to the question of
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel: "Ian said I should get your take on Building 7, because you were there."

Chris Hedges: "I was there."

J: "What do you think happened there? I mean it looks like a controlled demolition. Basically everyone..."

C: "It does. I saw it go down."

J: "So, do you think it was a controlled demolition?"

C: "I don't know. I wasn't... You know I am not an engineer. I haven't reported it."

J: "Have you looked at the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth?"

C: "I have, but you know, as a reporter I am just so primary that if I don't go do it myself, i can't have an opinion because I haven't investigated it."

As he left, he retreated by saying:

"I spent months covering Atta, retracing all his steps. I think the guy was a genius. I think without Atta they couldn't have done it."

So Mr. Hedges in these last days of Empire, it is well past time to decide whether to trust your own senses and physical intuition and declare WTC 7 to have been a controlled demolition and 9/11 to have been a black op, or, on the basis of "retracing all his steps," insist that an apple is an orange and declare Atta the evil genius who stood down the entire U.S. military-intelligence command structure. We need you on the side of truth, because we know you to be on the side of justice, and the former is the precedent and catalyst for the latter.

executive producer: Paul Wittenberger
camera: Paul Wittenberger, Ranee Vespi
edited by: Paul Wittenberger

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