23e Onze Bouge 11 April 2009 in Paris + Herblay FRANCE ( World action every 11 of the month )


Report on the 23rd Onze Bouge in Paris this 11th of April 2009 by Yves Ducourneau
John Mitchell and me were at the Saint-Michel Fountain this afternoon to distribute 9/11 flyers and to inform the public. The weather was nice and warm. Good reception for John's signs (seeing Bush and Cheney
behind the bars gives obvious pleasure for many people!), even joy full outcries from an Afghan and a
Pakistanis family who passed by there. We discussed with 4 young girls around 20 years old who had a great scholarship in geopolitics which completely amazed me. The 11 of September interested them a lot.

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But the most interesting meeting in my opinion was the one with the French Army doctor, a colonel, who the day before was in Afghanistan. According to him, the French Army over there is the only one not to be pledged to the Americans and behaves better than them because the French soldiers are volunteers, and not immigrants simply wanting to be naturalized as in the US army. This doctor bragged that he could move around alone over there, where the other soldiers only move with the help of guides (he wanted to testify I think of an approach
different to the conflict by French). He affirmed that as many Afghans die today as before the war (an important assertion , that it would be necessary to check it up!), because of the tribal wars. He said that Afghanistan, is " the Middle Ages ". He was conscious of the oil stakes.
Many people took photos of John's signs which had a great success !

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the 23rd Onze Bouge on the Herblay market the 12th of April 2009 by John MITCHELL

Last month's 22nd Onze Bouge at Herblay ( hooded Guantanamo prisoner) was a shock for the Heblaysiens
but this time the exchanges were more enthusiastic. Robert suggested that he should contact the local newspaper la Gazette Val d'Oise to do an article explaining my actions on the market. A means to grow in numbers and eventually help us to organise a projection debate on the film ZERO or other 911 film. Many emails exchanged.
Spent most of my time explaining the scientific paper on the discovery of high tech nano thermite in the 9/11 WTC dust. This is important information for the public and many are now having serious doubts on the official version of the 9/11 events. My sign on the nano-thermite was a good visual help. Some people said that they will try to go to the Conference Debate in Paris next Friday 17 April 2009 with professor David Ray Griffin

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That's a great effort

& write-up.

Good work.

Excellent Job!

An Ocean is comprised of trillions of tiny droplets of water.

An so are our simple and small actions building an Ocean of Truth and Justice to a Crescendo.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it