Luke Rudkowski on Russia Today - on 9/11 - First Responders - and the WAC Media approach

Good job...


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


Luke is a hero.

Respect, Courtesy and Dignity to the Public

I loved the part Luke brought up during this interview about handing out fliers, free DVD's each Saturday and allowing folks the courtesy, respect, and dignity to make up their own minds to decide for themselves what they think about 9/11. This is very respectful to the public and the very reason the momentum has never slowed down for the 9/11 Truth movement...We Are The Media! Thank-you Luke!

I put together a "how to video" for activists in our community, sharing the knowledge of 9/11 truth to our hometown...
It lacks the whistles and bells and I shot it on a cheap but powerful A470 canon . Tell me your thoughts and improvements I can make with this video, much appreciated if you leave me some suggestions.

This is not news

It's not news that the U.S. media doesn't want (the full) truth. The question is, what to do about it? One thing people could do, including WAC, is to point people toward the aptly named . This country would be a very different place if all Americans listened to The Real News, instead of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX.

Any chance of WAC helping The Real News succeed? Just telling people about The Real News would be a great help. If I was in WAC, I would be very upfront about wanting to put ABC, et. al, out of business.. Who needs those creeps, anyway?

Liberty Works Radio Network

Here's another alternative news media that could use a boost. The buzz over this one is growing:

Well done Luke.

Great interview.

Ron Paul

I checked out Liberty News....I respect Ron Paul and his supporters...but I do not understand why Dennis Kucinich is not given due credit for his attempts to hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes. Where was Ron Paul when Kucinich presented articles of impeachment?
I would like to see Ron Paul question Obama about his continuation of Bush policies and expect Kucinich to show his support.

We'll see...


this is awesome! what a great interview

Damn good job Luke!

......and very well spoken. Thank you!