Aussie radio, "Lowie vs America" talked about WTC7

Yesterday, as I was driving, STAR FM Gippsland/Melbourne Southeast was on cause that's what my little one listens to nowadays instead of Kids FM.

And there was a corner called "Lowie vs America." This Aussie guy reporting from the USA, and he was in NYC.

He interviewed a few people on street about that "9/11 conspiracy theory" especially focusing on WTC7. It was all right -- some expressing the doubt but then he had a firefighter chief coming on, saying all the firefighters he knows deny it.

And yet, Lowie ended that corner saying something like, "Well, you determine it yourself. Go and check!"

So, if listeners go and see what that site has to say, they could see through the lie all right!!

Thank you Lowie!!
And please express your "Thanks!" to him from here.

Thanks Chihaya! Truth is breaking out all over!

Please give this guy a boost by throwing him a positive comment, see above link!

Thanks again to Chihaya (Aus911Truth) for this report as it gives us here in Australia some hope of a 9/11 break through on the horizon!

If you all had not heard, we did a 9/11 Truth Action in Melbourne on the 11th of April at the David Icke Event....there was fricken 1700(WHAT) people there???? Anyway we tabled there for the good of the cause and got a excellent reception moving like 1000 DVD's, books, t'shirts and info about our up coming event in Sydney

It was cool as a got to catch up with the Melbourne crew and the Perth crew there, I was the only ticket holder that didn't go in.....I'm scared of lizards, lol!

Best John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Yeah, more and more either know or accepting!

Thank you John!

It was a great surprise to hear that( on a mainstream station! He did use that term 'conspiracy theory', but Lowie was, I should say, balanced. He didn't ridicule it at all, and then that comment at the end!

I see Lowie interviewed Rosie" O'Donnell in the past(bit of it on archive but not much in there) so I guess he probably heard about it(9/11 Truth) from her!? If so, hurray goes to Rosie as well. ;O)

And yes, the word has been spreading all right down in Australia. On top of my 11th Day Action, I talk to many strangers wherever I go. Many of them say either "I know it" or "Wouldn't surprise me"!!

That was the same in the US especially in NYC. When we were walking down in Times Sq., this guy approached me, was very excited to see me in my 9/11 T-shirt, shook hands first, introducing himself and his girlfriend, and this Marine said to my daughter, "Your mother is a very brave woman!!" LOL. His name was Patrick. Any chance of him reading this?

Anyhow, many nodded to my "9/11 was an Inside Job" T-shirt that I wore all the time(I have a few), and at airports, many officers(customs/security/airline) asked me what it was about. SERIOUS!! Some even said to me, "I LOVE your T-shirt!!" with a big smile. I even 'preached' to people when we were in Disneyland(Sorry, I had to go for my little one, but food there was horrible!! beyond any description. They're ruining children's sense of tasting as well as adults'!). I encountered some strong opposition, but there were people who are aware or accepting wherever we went.

Anyway, it's happening here in Australia too, that awakening. There are few of those who call me nuts etc, but people returning peace sign or thumb up etc as we go on a road/highway in my car with many signs like "Investigate 9/11" on the windows have increased a lot over these years!!

above from a few years back on my old car. It was handy to have those posters I made from LC pdf, I pulled them out and explained to strangers whenever I had that opportunity, and it worked.

So, let's keep doing what we're doing, mate!!

And yes, I should have taken some photos of you at the table with your banner!! It was great to see you again along with meeting and catching up with others and we(especially you, NSW crew) made the most out of it. My flyers(about 500) disappeared so quick too. ;O) I should have made more, but I did my action on the following Sunday(another 500) so it was a great weekend.

Lizards? Didn't show up except in words, LOL. I've got a few "??" about that guy but I'll leave it to some other time.

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Crocidile Dundee a Psy-Op?


Enough is enough here!

An Aussie afraid of lizzards???

WTF...are you telling me that Crocidile Dundee might have been a Hollywood fabrication or Psy-Op?

Hey, that the 9/11 Commission Report was a total whitewash is EASY to deal with in comparison...

Crocidile Dundee being afraid of that's just TOO MUCH to ask of us in the USofA...

love, peace and progress...

robin hordon

Off topic...

Can anyone tell me why it's now impossible to scroll down the main main page to get the info on the other pages of . IT's stopping with the interview of Dr. Niels Harrit... Is there something wrong with my computer? Info please...

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

I've got to admit I think

I've got to admit I think the ice is breaking.I saw my first (very first) 911 truth bumper sticker on car on Good Friday & it brightened my whole day.This was in Orange county California (Yep,home of Disneyland..but I saw it in La Habra not Anaheim) anyway,I was just glad to see one.