WeAreChange Live Each Sunday 4pm Eastern

WeAreChange Live each Sunday 4pm eastern

We Are Change TV:

An activist based grassroots social justice organization, working to inform the public about current events as well as helping people create positive change in this world.

Luke Rudkowski ~ The Founder ~ featured on Russian TV


At this time 4.22 p,.m EST, Luke is talking about how he founded WeAreChange NYC - collected 500 e-mails, sending out 911 Truth info to people and later organizing a meet-up group.

The rest is history.

I hope there will be a video archive of at least the best highlights somewhere....

4.36 pm. Coverage on confronting Fareed Zakaria (chief editor of Newsweek)& Karl Rove. Topics -. Bilderbergers -media censorship and Angel is Next.

Luke is saying this is not about Left / Right issues. He is developing a new movie.He is talking about how Bilderbergers admit they were responsible for the creation of the European Union.

Luke is talking about the True Forces behind the Govt. The Corporate Control of the Big Banks etc..

Anthony from another WAC chapter ( I think WAC Ohio) is thanking Luke for being a big inspiration.......

Checkout WeAreChangeOhio.com

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it