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New York City voters have the power to legally mandate the formation of a new investigation with subpoena power by petitioning to place a referendum on the ballot in the November 2009 General Election. In September 2008, the petition reached a milestone of 30,000 signatures, the minimum number required to submit the petition to New York City Council for its approval. By June 2009, NYCCAN will eclipse the 45,000 signatures required to bypass City Council, ensuring its placement on the ballot. With the passage of this referendum New York City will take the first giant step towards truth and justice.


The 21 April 2009 Flyby News issue contains information on a most crucial campaign for truth, justice, and peace in 2009. William Pepper leads off with a written statement in support of NYC CAN -

I encourage you, too, to take part by donating funds to NYC ASAP to make this really happen. It is our best opportunity for peace and justice in the last eight years.

The second item in this recent FN covers the talented and courageous work of Christopher Story and World Reports. Item three shows just how far from truth and justice the CIA has been led astray, while hiding greater crimes than most could even imagine. Rather than fear what may be true, embrace it, for it could make all the difference in our freedom.

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April 21, 2009 - NYC CAN * Will Pepper * TARP
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