Torture Was The Only Crime? I Think Not

Jon Gold

Has anyone else noticed that the media, and Congress is acting as though torture is the only crime committed by the Bush White House (with the possible exception of illegal wiretapping)?

Why has everyone forgotten the other crimes perpetrated by the Bush White House? Crimes like stealing the 2000, and 2004 elections. Proveable crimes concerning the 9/11 attacks like obstruction of justice, and criminal negligence. Crimes like lying this country into war. Crimes like violating the Constitution. The list of crimes committed by the Bush Administration just goes on and on.

Today, it was reported that torture artchitect John Yoo was blasted with cries of "war criminal" at a recent debate held at Chapman Univeristy in California. During the debate, he made the following argument:

"Three thousand of our fellow citizens had been killed in a deliberate attack by a foreign enemy," he told a crowd at Chapman University. "That forced us in the government to have to consider measures to gain information using presidential constitutional provisions to protect the country from further attack."
That doesn't sound so bad does it? They were just trying to protect the people of America "from further attack." In the eyes of America, and the world, with the use of spin media, this argument will make the Bush White House and America appear "less evil" than if they were to acknowledge the previously mentioned crimes. If they were to acknowledge the previously mentioned crimes, and tried to hold people accountable for them, then there would be a massive series of arrests in Washington D.C. Not only would Bush Administration officials be held accountable, but everyone that enabled them to commit their crimes would be as well. Making torture the sole crime of the Bush White House, in my opinion, will allow the "powers that be" in Washington D.C. to maintain the "status quo." It will allow them to maintain the system that brought us to where we are today.

We must hold them accountable for EVERY crime they committed. If we don't, then we deserve whatever happens to us in the future.