Has anyone seen this??? Flight 175 still on radar after it crashes into WTC


I've seen it before. I find it compelling. Pilotsfor911truth have been discussing it as well.

However. BE WARNED. I've noticed that there is a line on the screen drawn from UA175 to the side of the screen. What does this line indicate and why is it the only flight that shows such a line connected to it? I can think of a reason: left of the screen, Flight Explorer might be telling the user: "Last known heading". Again, ask yourself why UA175 is the only dot with a line attached to it. Until we know that, we know essentially nothing.

Yeah, you are probably

Yeah, you are probably right. The icon is certainly positioned right over NYC. Anyway, at this point do we really need anymore evidence of foul play? I think not. But it's always a good idea to consider all available information.