Witness Who Fingered 9/11 "Mastermind" Was Himself Crazy


I have previously pointed out that the self-confessed 9/11 "mastermind" Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also falsely confessed to crimes he didn't commit.

However, a second witness - Abu Zubaida - fingered Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the 9/11 mastermind (Zubaida was subsequently severely tortured for many months. But he initially identified KSM even before being tortured).

So we have independent confirmation that KSM was the chief architect of 9/11, right?

Well, the New Yorker notes this week:

The F.B.I.’s point man on the Abu Zubaydah interrogation, Daniel Coleman, had read Zubaydah’s diaries and concluded that he “had a schizophrenic personality.”

Indeed, the Washington Post noted in 2007:

Retired FBI agent Daniel Coleman, who led an examination of documents after Abu Zubaida's capture in early 2002 and worked on the case, said the CIA's harsh tactics cast doubt on the credibility of Abu Zubaida's information.

"I don't have confidence in anything he says, because once you go down that road, everything you say is tainted," Coleman said, referring to the harsh measures. "He was talking before they did that to him, but they didn't believe him. The problem is they didn't realize he didn't know all that much."


Abu Zubaida ... was a "safehouse keeper" with mental problems who claimed to know more about al-Qaeda and its inner workings than he really did.

Looking at other evidence, including a serious head injury that Abu Zubaida had suffered years earlier, Coleman and others at the FBI believed that he had severe mental problems that called his credibility into question. "They all knew he was crazy, and they knew he was always on the damn phone," Coleman said, referring to al-Qaeda operatives. "You think they're going to tell him anything?"

So the two witnesses who said that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the 9/11 mastermind were:

  • A guy who confessed to a crime he didn't commit, and was waterboarded 183 times in one month, and
  • A guy who was crazy even before the CIA started torturing him, who claimed to know a lot more than he really did

No judge in the country would convict based upon such flimsy evidence.

Note: This is not to say that some people from the middle east were not involved in 9/11. They may have been. But the government has wholly failed to prove even the basics of its version of 9/11.

9/11 Mastermind

Of course, according to the American Media and the United States Government, Dick Cheney and Richard Ben-Veniste are quite sane.