NY Times Reporter Asks Obama How Enchanting His First 100 Days Was. Hard Questions LOL

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

We better become the media when you have a NY Times reporter asking Obama how enchanting his first 100 days have been. They ask harder questions at the Miss USA Pageant. For example they asked Miss California about her views on same sex marriage.

Hey! NY Times reporter how about asking the president this: Are we a nation of laws and do we abide by our constitution? Yes or NO. How about asking our president this question: Will our Attorney General investigate those that came up with the idea of using torture and then instituted the torture according to the torture memos which includes those that committed the torture? We don't need a another commission to find out the facts. We need a real crime investigation to indict and prosecute those that formulated the use of torture and then used torture. We already have the facts that torture was used according to the torture memos and Cheney's admission.

I think this NY Times reporter is so soft he has cases of Charmin stored at his residence for his bodily place where the sun doesn't shine. LOL

Take Care Matt