9/11 Comedy ( a real world scenario)

Sometimes I'm stunned by how quickly a scientifically-trained person jumps off the ship of reason when it comes to 9/11/01.

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Never underestimate the power of denial.

It's not so surprising when you think how intelligent people have abandoned reason for the sake of their faith for centuries. Even today in this enlightened age, a lot of people believe obvious myths while scoffing at the obvious myths of another's faith.
There's some weakness in we humans that causes us to find comfort in fiction while rejecting reason and facts.

to admit that you were conned....

is a hard one for the EGO.

Especially when you ridiculed those who tried to set you straight.

"...Then I reached over and

"...Then I reached over and wrote “9/11” and an arrow pointing to the drawing of the skyscraper.

Without missing a beat he said: “Yea, but the jet fuel weakened the steel!”

And indifference, denialism, highly misplaced perverted patriotism and the desire to continue being deceived has weakened the Constitution.

Before it is too late, the general population has to act.

A little common sense would go a long long way.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I couldn't help but laugh

to keep from crying!

Once I wrote "9/11" on that page ALL REASONED DISCUSSION CEASED. The perpetrators of 9/11 very likely knew that this would be the case: that a relatively small percentage of even well-educated people would be able to dismiss the con and face the incontrovertible physical facts.
Before this I had never fully appreciated the art and science of public myth-making. Obviously, advertisers have used this technology to tremendous effect since the printing press, but 9/11 upped the ante to almost unimaginable heights! They pulled off the most astounding deception in history RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD because they were so confident they could get away with it! WOW!
Only in this case it wasn't David Copperfield redirecting our attention, it was the ENTIRE network of major news media outlets and their "experts! " Who knows which came first, the chicken (reporters just as fooled as the rest of us,) or the egg (owners and publishers enforcing a blackout on reasoned criticism of the official story) . . . some combination of the two, surely.
That we, a species, are so susceptible to such chicanery . . . makes me real queasy.

We're talking about effecting a fundamental change in human societal perception here . . .

"You're gonna need a bigger boat . . ." [says Sgt. Brodie to Quint in "Jaws"]

How did the conversation continue

after the "weakened the steel" statement? I'm curious.

He was with a group

of friends and made the "weakened the steel" comment on his way back to them. For him, that was it:
jet fuel weakened the steel and the top of that tower fell at close to free fall speed through the rest of the tower.

His body language was suddenly dismissive. He clearly thought it was not worth discussing further.
This is far from the first time I've come across this kind of response. Sort of like trying to transplant a new kidney into someone and their immune system rejects it.