Can the "Mexican flu" be traced to the Centers for Disease Control?

Can the "Mexican flu" be traced to the Centers for Disease Control?

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, Saturday, May 2, 2009--The strain of flu that allegedly began circulating in Mexico in March and April and that has appeared in other countries since, including the United States, may have emerged from research at the U.S Centers for Disease Control. This flu has been mistakenly referred to as "swine flu." While its composition contains elements of "swine flu," it has not been shown to infect swine. This article will refer to the new strain of flu as the "Mexican flu," after the country whose capital, Mexico City, has been virtually shut down as a result of its presence there.

McClatchy Newspapers tells us the following about it:

"Q. What makes this swine flu (sic) virus special?

"A: It's a novel combination of bird, pig and human viral genes never before found in the U.S. or elsewhere, so people have no immunity to it. It's a descendant of the H1N1 virus that killed tens of millions of people worldwide in the pandemic of 1918-1919, mixed in with recent strains of swine and bird flu viruses."

Assuming that McClatchy did not get it wrong, let's find out where the 1918-1919 flu, also known as the "Spanish flu," came from.

A webpage not changed since 2005 on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website states the following:

"CDC researchers and their colleagues have successfully reconstructed the influenza virus that caused the 1918-19 flu pandemic, which killed as many as 50 million people worldwide. A report of their work, 'Characterization of the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus,' was published in the October 7 (2005) issue of Science. The work is a collaboration among scientists from CDC, Mount Sinai School of Medicine , the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology , and Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory."

A summary of the research states: "All laboratory work was conducted at CDC."

Scientists wanted to study the Spanish flu for its virulence. They were able to obtain samples from the bodies of victims who died from this strain of flu in 1918/1919. By 2005, they had successfully reproduced those segments of the flu that gave it its toxic "kick." The resurrected flu was tested on laboratory animals, and it was demonstrated to cause severe lung infection.

In a question-and-answer format, the CDC states the following:

"Will the 1918 virus strain used during these experiments at CDC be made available to other research institutions?

"CDC currently has no plans to distribute this virus. If other individual scientists desire to work with the agent, consideration will be given to hosting them at CDC."

Unless this policy has been changed, the only place the 1918 flu was available since the original outbreak was at CDC labs. Since the Mexican flu has the 1918 flu strain as a component, it is hard to draw any conclusion other than that the CDC was involved in its creation.

The Spanish flu of 1918-1919 was an extremely deadly disease that killed some 2.5 percent of its victims, compared to 0.1 percent for previous flues, according to a description of the contagion on the Stanford University website. A worldwide flu with a similarly high mortality rate has not emerged since then.

thx for posting- here's the links and more quotes

"Who funded the work described in this article?

"Work with the reconstructed 1918 virus was conducted at and supported by CDC. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) all provided support for many other aspects of this research."

"the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)"

"Could a 1918-like H1N1 virus re-emerge and cause a pandemic again?

"It is impossible to predict with certainly, but the probability of the 1918 virus re-emerging from a natural source appears to be remote. Influenza experts believe that a pandemic is most likely to be caused by an influenza subtype to which there is little, or no, preexisting immunity in the human population. There is evidence that some residual immunity to the 1918 virus, or a similar virus, is present in at least a portion of the human population. Since contemporary H1N1 viruses circulate widely and the current annual influenza vaccines contain an H1N1 component, a 1918-like H1N1 virus would not fit the current criteria for a new pandemic strain."

"the probability of the 1918 virus re-emerging from a natural source appears to be remote." Then it would seem more likely that an ancient virus suddenly re-emerging in an "influenza subtype" is the result of laboratory work- what am i missing?

"Is the public at risk from the experiments being done on this virus?

"The work described in this report was done using stringent biosafety and biosecurity precautions that are designed to protect workers and the public from possible exposure to this virus (for example, from accidental release of the virus into the environment)."

The page also says the security is "BSL-3-enhanced" and that their virus has been designated a "select agent" but their work doesn't violate the convention against biowarfare research.


Another theory is Smithfield Foods ...

they own the Mexican factory and its "manure lagoon"

6 of 8 genes are found in an earlier SmithfieldFoods-outbreak from 1998... details here

BTW its called "Amerikagrippa" (AMERICAFLU!) in Germany...

keep up the good investigative work!

I've seen the article

but does it account for the virus's descent from the 1918 virus, and what about the bird flu elements? Even the "experts" are scrambling to explain this virus, so thank you for your input and any more you may have for us.

fact and fudge..

What about "the elements"? Does vetted expert testimony exist?

I know of a WHO expert who in an interview said that never did 180 people in Mexico die of the Americaflu. Last week there were only 6 confirmed. "It would be inaccurate to say.." was her careful and hugely understated comment.

IMHO the mighty wurlitzer was the original source... activated to drown other stories (in a manure lagoon ;-)

The fact that the US press is under a type of control that Stalin would have been proud of - is of course well known to 911 researchers.
Here is another glaring example.. a story that should be frontpage news. Imagine this: In the age after 911 a jumbo is diverted in mid-flight because of a terrorism alert and not a single US newspaper reported it.

Fascism would dream of such control!

This flu

definitely needs a proper name, one that will stick. Ameriflu is not bad.

What is worrisome is that if this flu is indeed descendant of the 1918 flu as McClatchy Newspapers contends, there is much to fear. That is why officials are saying this flu could come back in the fall, just as the 1918 flu did. Remember, we are talking about a 2.5 percent mortality rate. I would say that is cause for concern.

Center For Population Control

Maybe the CDC should change their name.

A key question is

since 1918, have descendants of the virulent Spanish Flu virus shown up as later, less dangerous viruses?

Anyone know?

If the answer is yes, then the new outbreak may not be so unusual.

If the answer is no, then the new virus is extremely suspicious.

I've looked around and have not been able to answer this.

i heard on PBS

that the 1918 sample they have was dug up from Eskimo graves or something like that. In any case, this quote from the CDC:

"the probability of the 1918 virus re-emerging from a natural source appears to be remote."

would make it seem that it has not been seen since 1918. Let us know if you find that it has.

One encouraging bit from the CDC, that sounds plausible, is their statement "There is evidence that some residual immunity to the 1918 virus, or a similar virus, is present in at least a portion of the human population."

Hopefully a large portion. Although, if this thing has been reengineered, that aspect may have been countered.

From the news, it seems as if real human beings are doing their best to study, document and control this outbreak. Just as MSM and govt reports have helped to blow open the 9/11 cover up, even as bought and paid for Republocrats and media shills are spinning the facts, it may be the same thing will happen with any pandemic plots- the truth will come out and it will be impossible to cover up, the MSM and Congress will just pretend to be in denial. The Cybersecurity Bill needs to be killed for this reason as well