Fema Coloring book pulled


Read that on some site some time ago.

Shameless use of the innocence of kids.

The truth of the matter is OUR KIDS, ALL of THEM will be asking us one day What we did FOR 911 Truth. The generations of the FUTURE will know the Truth as it is SO OBVIOUS.

Kids are the toughest questioners. Especially when they grow up.

So when they ask Mummy and Daddy Why O Why Did You Believe Buch & Co? Why O Why Did You Believe Obama? Why O Why Did You not Understand the Simple Laws of Physics and FALL FOR THAT JET FUEL-PLANE IMPACT, 1 HOUR VIRTUALLY TOTALLY PULVERIZED COLLAPSE TRICK?

Why Mummy? Why Daddy did you let the Constitution Die?

What will Mummy & Daddy say?

Coloring or No Coloring book, no amount of brainwashing trickery is going to put kids I care about into a FEMA camp waiting to be PROCESSED, Exterminated , Gased or Enslaved.

2nd Amendment or no 2nd Amendment.

Our Posterity will our Ultimate Judge.

Going too far doesn't even begin to describe this.

The kids of 911. Directly affected or indirectly affected.

911 Children - USA.


A Reminder to what happened to their Fathers and Mothers. FEMA is ALSO responsible.

911 Children- Outside USA


Remembering September 11th ( from Children's Perspective)

This is PNAC. And its coming home to roost.


More than ever

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it