New York City Housing Authority Barry Jennings Obituary

Passing of Barry Jennings

The Bulletin regrets to report the passing of Deputy Director
of the Emergency Services Department (ESD) Barry
Jennings on August 19, 2008.


Thanks, Rob!

Damn, that took a long time.

And so he died of......

Ask them no questions...they'll tell you...

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Usually they don't say how someone died when...

they commit suicide, or in this case, are either suicided or put into the "we don't want you to be a witness" protection program. If he had died of a disease or say a heart attack or stroke, that would have been included.

This may have been up for months. On a whim, I just thought I would search the NYCHA site and there it was.

The fact that he was with the NYCHA for 37 years tells me that there were probably many at the NYCHA who were very close to Barry. I think we could get more information from other long time NYCHA employees, if someone could do some more investigating.

From the interviews I have seen, Barry Jennings had a very likable demeanor and his long 37 year tenure at NYCHA tells me he was good at his job.

The information will be found.

I appreciate

The "we don't want you to be a witness" protection program remark, especially in relation to the wave of assassinations following the murder of John F Kennedy. Cynical, but right on the mark. What happened to Barry, time will tell. Maybe he just died, maybe his death was assisted. It reminds me of the circumstances surrounding the death of Joe West, JFK researcher.

There IS NO Way

Barry could have committed suicide.

Assisted or Disappeared for various reasons. Yes.

BTW, excellent find & post. Important piece to the Puzzle.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Thanks Rep, I feel like Columbus.

I have subsequently discovered that this obit was found by others and posted in comments on a couple of other websites back in February. I guess it just didn't get noticed and spread around like one would expect. Sometimes stuff slips through the cracks.