9/11: A government story full of holes Hunter Riley Daily Lobo 4/30/09


9/11: A government story full of holes
Hunter Riley
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Issue date: 4/30/09 Section: Culture

Simon Polakowski holds "From the Ground Up" during a recording of "9/11 Myth vs. Reality" in the studio Monday.

Simon Polakowski said that if he believed the government's story on Sept. 11, 2001, he might as well believe the Earth is flat.

Polakowski produces an hour-long show with his friend Bob Martin called "9/11 Myth vs. Reality."

The show airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on public access channel 27.

He said that on Sept. 11, he was listening to the newscasts and thought to himself, "This is such bullshit."

He started the show more than one year ago to reach people who had similar doubts.

"From what I've been researching, there are millions of people who do not believe the official story and explanation," Polakowski said. "There are shows like this all across (the country). We get a lot of our material off of YouTube and off the Internet, and I am very thankful for all the people who are doing this research totally out-of-pocket."

The story of 19 hijackers led by "a man in a cave" is something Polakowski and Martin have a hard time believing.

"It was the most far-fetched story I have ever heard in my life," Polakowski said. "The most powerful nation on the face of the Earth, the most advanced military with over 30 intelligence agencies with over $40 billion in the annual budget to protect the nation, and they all failed?"

Martin was working as a doctor and living in New York on Sept. 11 and said he went to Ground Zero to help.

"One thing that bothered me was that we all noticed that the skies were quite empty, and there were no planes flying because there was a stop order," Martin said. "But they were really quiet. There were no military aircrafts over New York City for quite sometime, and somebody yelled out, 'Where the hell are the jets?' That question gnawed at me for the following year."

Martin said that as the day went on, there were more questions and concerns that popped up in his head.

"Another thing that gnawed at me was when I went down to Ground Zero, - it occurred to me that there was almost nothing left of these structures," Martin said. "I'm looking at girders that weigh anywhere from 4 to 300 tons. They were embedded in other skyscrapers like giant arrows. We're talking about distances upwards of 400 feet. Because this was allegedly a gravity-driven collapse, I found it very hard to reckon with what I saw."

Polakowski said 9/11 was a shock-and-awe maneuver that caught Americans completely off guard.

"Franklin Delano Roosevelt said there are no accidents in politics," Martin said. "It was the ultimate political act. People were suffering from PTSD in New York City, and that is what war does. It unbalances the human psyche, and when there is something of shock, they are much easier to manipulate."

Martin said the TV show explores possibilities of how and why 9/11 happened. Martin said many parts of the government's story do not hold up to scrutiny.

"The event 9/11 is a seminal event of the century that triggered this global War on Terror," Martin said. "It goes logically from what we're positive of - that the War on Terror is perhaps a hoax and is contrived. And that has its origins in intelligence agencies and major corporations in the Western world."

Martin said he uses the basic question of motive and benefit to come to his conclusion.

"When detectives come upon a murder scene, the first thing they ask themselves is, 'Who benefits from this?'" Martin said. "'Is it a crime of passion? Is there something that was put together and planned out?' This is the main question that should be asked about 9/11, is, 'Who benefits? Did the Arabs benefit?' No. So, who benefited from this?"

'9/11 Myth vs. Reality'
Monday, 8 p.m.
Public access channel 27

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