Explorer doesn't work worth a crap on this site, and it never has.

Trouble logging in? Ditch Internet Explorer and D/L Firefox or Opera or even Apple's Safari (They make a PC version of Safari now, too.).

Also, there is a site glitch when accessing the "search" page. If you get the "Access denied" message, relax, scroll down and make sure you are still logged in. This is a cross-browser Drupal glitch, and there is no patch to fix it, AFAIK.

Google Chrome is worth checking out

I started using it primarily because Firefox keeps crashing on me, taking all the links I've saved with it.

Chrome doesn't always render correctly, and another special problem, for a person like myself using GoScreen (see goscreen.info) to layout windows, is that it won't allow windows to be resized. Other than that, it's pretty good. On the plus side, it seems much faster than any other browser.