No one could have predicted - eleminated traces?

Yesterday I saw "Running Man" on german cable tv one more time. You know that movie with "young" Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

That reminds me on the possible protective coverage of the "hijack a plane and flew it into a building" plan.

You know that one scenario "no one could have predicted" as Condoleezza Rice once claimed, besides Hollywood as shown in "The Lone Gunmen- Pilot episode" back in march 2001. But earlier ones- probably even in WTC security danger analysis- remain sealed to this day.

The same for this one:
Nothing in the movie "Running Man" is as in the famous book by Richard Bachman, that alias of Stephen King.

In the book there is a desperate guy named Ben Richards who compete for the game show Running Man to earn money. His wife does prostitute herself, and they are really in a bad situation.

Now, the whole storybook is completely different because of that- in the movie you have to create a reason to get Richards angry and against his will to go on with the show, in the book he's there on his own will. The next difference is the modus of the show- whereas in the movie Richards and his friends have to run to play-zones and fight, in the book Richards hide in the outer world and sent videos every few hours to the cable channel and has to stay alive for 30 days to get a billion new dollar.

But the very main difference is the end: In the movie Richards was the winner, who made it possible that the audience could view the real truth and who killed the anchor of the show by shooting him through the starter channel.

In the book, there was no winning, no truth, an no way out, so that Richards hijacked a plane and flew it right into the main tower of the ICS cable channel.

As you can imagine such an idea presented in a famous Hollywood movie with such famous actors was nothing the anti-terror-guys at the FBI or so would like a lot- so one can guess if the completely new storybook was just the idea of the storybook writers or more. And the excuse why it's completely different may also works: You just don't tell the terrorists new ideas.

That all is especially interesting as Jesse Ventura was on the team for this- I wonder if he ever heard of the totally different story in the book. Was it the fantasy of storybookwriter Steven E. de Souza alone, or what were the real circumstances to re-write that story on such a massive scale...

That there were indeed hints that other "hijack a plane and fly it into a building" plans were covered, such as the real OP Bojinga or Bojinka plot by Yousef and Khalid Sheik Mohammed (now known as the second wave, not much known then!) or the Wadi Hadad fake black september operation which gets abonded in the very last minute with the crash of Abu Harb, at least should make us thinking twice.

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