YouTube - Robin Hordon talks about 9/11 Truth for Peace.

Found on YouTube:

"Robin Hordon's Website is well worth exploring.

Robin Hordon talks to 9/11 activists about the need link the 9/11 message to the ultimate goal of PEACE that is universally embraced by Peace groups, anti-war movement and others who are plain sick of war.

Hordon's Bio:

A 60 year old grandfather who recently moved to Kingston, WA (west of Seattle across the Puget Sound) from New Hampshire to help my daughter and granddaughter.

I'm a high school graduate and former commercial pilot, and later entered the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller in 1970 [same year as controller sick-out] and was fired by Ronald Reagan in the PATCO Strike of 1981. Thereafter, I had a 12 year career in the comedy business. Since that time, however, I have done some factory work, light construction, golf course work, house painting, and just plain "surviving".

While in the FAA, my duties included the training of new RDP (Radar Data Processing) and computer upgrade implementations, in airspace and procedures including some liaison with the US Military and was used as an expert on breaking out transcripts and computer target and tracking data when there were "incidents" or "system errors" needing detailed analysis and interpretation. I have experience dealing with hijackings and bomb threats, and intercept operations for aircraft suffering "in flight emergencies" including a "save" of one flight.

YouTube - Robin Hordon talks about 9/11 Truth for Peace."

WOW Robin...Well Said!

The Peace Movement Compromised?

It is quite obvious to me.

The Peace Center in Dallas is Pathetic at the top.