U.S. Votes For 9/11-Style Commission To Probe Financial Crisis


Am I excited that "US lawmakers voted Wednesday to create a 9/11-style commission of experts to probe the causes of last year’s devastating financial meltdown and to draw lessons to prevent its recurrence"?

Of course.

The 9/11 Commission has - in retrospect - expressed confidence in the whole process:

  • The co-chairs also said that the CIA (and likely the White House) "obstructed our investigation"
  • The Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission (John Farmer) - who led the 9/11 staff's inquiry - said "At some level of the government, at some point in time...there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened". He also said "I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described .... The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years.... This is not spin. This is not true."

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley has also expressed confidence in the process:

[The 9/11 Commission] was a commission that was really made for Washington - a commission composed of political appointees of both parties that ran interference for those parties - a commission that insisted at the beginning it would not impose blame on individuals. So it's the ideal Washington commission - a commission that would investigate without any repercussions.

And the 9/11 Commission did everything possible to ensure that it received open, unbiased evidence from its witnesses, including being nice enough to provide "minders" to watch over the witnesses for their own protection.

Well, it is true (as explored in the book The Commission by respected journalist Philip Shenon), that the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission was an administration insider whose area of expertise is the creation and maintenance of "public myths" thought to be true, even if not actually true. He wrote an outline of what he wanted the report to say very early in the process, controlled what the Commission did and did not analyze, then limited the scope of the Commission's inquiry so that the overwhelming majority of questions about 9/11 remained unasked (see this article and this article).

And sure, the 9/11 Commission's findings were almost entirely based on testimony extracted by torture from crazy guys.

So there were a few little problems, but who cares, right?

I bet that the outline for official Financial Commission's report has already been written:

  • No one could have foreseen it
  • Different regulatory agencies didn't coordinate very well and so things "fell through the cracks"
  • There was no fraud by anyone except Madoff, just a lot of innocent mistakes
  • No one is to blame
  • Its a whole new world
  • Give those in power more power and they'll protect us

And see this and this.

Taxpayer Money To Banks Loaned Back To Us With Interest

Perhaps someone will explain how it is helpful to the average consumer to have their taxes donated to the banking industry, who will then kindly return our money to us in the form of consumer loans with interest fees attached.


We bounce a check for $20, they charge us $35. Then, the Fed lets the banks bounce checks on it every day, during the day, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, charging them a pittance, a very small fraction of market interest rates. A longer story.

Oh, yes, GW"s post. The 9/11 Commission needs a 9/11 Commission, a good one, anyway. A 'bipartisan, independent commission?' Not. An oxymoron.

Even Worse

We borrowed the money at interest in order to give it to banks in *hopes* they will loan it back to us at interest! But there were no strings attached and they simply lined their pockets. This was supposed to increase liquidity by creating more consumer and business loans, but it hasn't even done that. It was largely a pillaging of public money. And without transparency.

Modern version of "The Company Store"...

If the trillions of dollars were split up and were given to ordinary citizens to pay down loans and create new businesses, IE: become more decentralized and self supportive with out such financial burdens, then the Money Changers, [the main element of the Ruling Class] would loose their hold over the people. Additionally, most people would flock all this money to smaller credit unions and the like and try to never take out credit cards and similar loans again.

So, citizen's representatives in congress, [known as democratic and republican politicians by some...and known as flat out whores to me...no offense to sex workers], enact legislation for citizens to back loans to the banks who in turn, loan it back to us at a mark-up so that we can help pay our taxes...err, pay back the loans we just gave the banks.

Of course none of this could happen should such legislation be veoted by the Commander in Chief in the White House. Well, the banking industry...aka...part of the Ruling Class, know all of this and this is why they figured a way to give Obama 600 million in donations to get elected...all explained away by the Ruling Class media outlets as being small individual gifts.

Those bankers certainly know how to get their money's worth out of money!

love, peace and progress...

robin hordon


Awesome article, GW.

site with details on financial global cabal


this above site is real.. with names and details unlike no other source on this issue..

but it takes time to read enough to not get limited by non-confirmed reporting, or personal judgments, etc..

but with all the details.. one wonders.. how many coincidences make a fact..

here is the excerpt i posted in recent issue of Flyby News:



In the past, criminalist officials and bankers have enjoyed playing the disinformation game of 'it's not my fault': but this option is precluded now because the institutions concerned are all overtly engaged in maximising the accruals to be leveraged off the funds that are sitting on their books in the Trustees' accounts, which is illegal. The big US banks are in gross breach of standard banking conduct, which means that, as we have often argued in the past, they cannot be trusted to carry out instructions - which further means that anyone dealing with the identified giga-institutions may be risking the loss of control over any funds they handle.

Moreover by depriving the countries and Trustees of their rightful funds while these banks pursue their own selfish interests and obstruction of justice contrary to their fiduciary duty to their clients, the banks have reconfirmed that they are indeed criminal enterprises.

And by condoning this latest appalling breach of banking standards, the Rule of Law, and of trust, President Obama, George Bush 41 and Mrs Barbara Bush et al are active participants in blocking the releases and in obstructing justice - a state of affairs that reflects a reckless degree of risk-taking arrogance that the Rest of the World has come to associate with the pariah nation called the United States of America, and which is liable to lead to a progressive degradation of international relations in the context of open economic warfare built on a substructure of the red-hot internal and external intelligence war which is in turn reflected in the irresponsible lies and diversionary reports churned out by notorious US controlled disinformation outlets.



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Bull Shit Commissions

We don't need another phony corrupt commission. We can do our own PR and our own investigations in the form of nationwide seminars by reputable critics of the financial system- like Steven Zarlenga http://www.monetary.org/ , Paul Zarembka, Michael Hudson, Dean Baker, Ellen Hodgson Brown, Dennis Kucinich, Paul Craig Roberts, Chris Hedges...more

Imagine c-spanning it and sweeping the Nation with it. The simple fact is, people have to understand how the financial system works before they can even begin to understand a congressional investigative critique of it.

Let's do the seminars. Soon.

Here's a detailed article...

“Web of Debt”: The Inner Workings of the Monetary System

Ellen Hodgson Brown's book

Ellen Hodgson Brown's book Web of Debt is a great read. Actually a must read for understanding what Bonnie Faulkner and others call, "The Financial 9/11".

Web of Debt Good

1/6 the way through Web of Debt. Great book. Money Masters video from the 70's also good.

Another good site

The website "Deep Capture" (http://www.deepcapture.com) is an excellent one in terms of the current financial situation. It deals primarily with naked short selling, hedge funds, the financial media, criminal/mob ties to Wall St, etc. It also contains bits and pieces of information related to 9/11 (although the moderators of the site never go into 9/11 truth). From reading the comments it appears that many people there are open to 9/11 truth.

It seems to be a very popular site that keeps getting better and better. It is also slightly more mainstream than 9/11 truth at this time. For example, if anyone here watches The Daily Show, you may remember Jim Cramer being a guest there recenlty and being taken to task about his actions of recent months. It turns out that long before that show, Deep Capture had published many writings to expose Mr. Cramer for what he was (essentially a willing accomplice/puppet for very large, very powerful hedge funds that have been committing some very illegal acts).

Entry from the Newspeak dictionary

'9/11-style' (adj.) 'Don't go there.' Usually said of purported investigations into controversial matters, or of those commissions or other such bodies established to create an appearance of carrying out such investigations.

Ha ha

So true. What a mess.

I wonder

if they will mention that the Federal Reserve is run by private bankers and according to the Constitution, the United States government is the only one who can issue money and the Constitution also states that the people of this country cannot be taxed on their labor?.......... Fat chance.

It has been true throughout

It has been true throughout history that severe economic downturns put people on the streets, ya, both as homeless and as protesters.
People can be pushed only so far. There's a tipping point and it's coming soon. That's why I advocate for educational seminars on the way the financial system works. Enough people need to understand that in order to strengthen their activism, when it takes hold.

When people begin understanding the extent of the financial deception, they will begin to open up more readily to the mother of all deceptions... 9/11

Clear The Market Of The Malinvestments

The malinvestments brought about by the Federal Reserve's monetary policy over the past eight years or so are massive in scope, rivaling the malinvestments that brought about the Great Depression, which means the current economic downturn has only just begun.

Here's the really bad news though. Only until those malinvestments are allowed to clear the market will investors begin to make appreciable loans. Until then, money will naturally be tight, for investors will not lend when future prices (for capital, resources. labor, etc.) can't be calculated correctly, and the only way future prices can be calculated correctly is for the malinvestments to clear the market (the current pricing structure for capital, resources, labor, etc. is also based on those existing malinvestments).

Get ready for Great Depression II.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC


some of those supposedly outraged over the 9-11 Commission report will be used to create a storyline even more to the government's liking. Take Philip Shenon and his mention about the (faux) role of Iran, which was supposedly censored out of the commission's findings. It will be interesting to see what Farmer comes up with.

LaRouche: Another Cover-up By Nancy Pelosi

LaRouche: Another Cover-up By Nancy Pelosi

May 7, 2009 (LPAC)—American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, briefed on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's treasonous "deep-sixing" of legislation for a Senate Select Committee modeled on the 1933 Senate Banking Committee's investigation of financial crimes led by prosecutor Ferdinand Pecora, in favor of a hand-picked 10-member commission appointed by the congressional leadership, which will issue its report on Dec. 15, 2010 (!), declared, "This is another cover-up by Nancy Pelosi. She should go back for another facelift."

"Pelosi has been an absolute disaster and national catastrophe since the beginning of 2006," LaRouche said. "What she's done, is what is meant by the term 'political prostitute.' This is a sellout of the American people, and unspeakable incompetence."

Today, the House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on the anti-fraud bill passed by the Senate, which included two amendments to investigate financial crimes: the Dorgan (D-N. Dak.)-McCain (R-Ariz.) amendment, calling for a Senate Select "Pecora" Committee with subpoena powers, and the Isakson (R-Ga.)-Conrad (D-N.Dak.) amendment, calling for an irrelevant and independent "911 Commission" to investigate, and report back to Congress on Dec. 15, 2010.

According to conservative Republican Rep. Darrell Issa's (Calif.) spokesman, Pelosi negotiated the Dorgan amendment out of the bill before it went to the House Floor. The Isakson-Conrad "Commission" amendment passed 367-59; all 59 opposed were Republicans. Pelosi agreed with Issa on a Presidential Commission modeled on the 9/11 Commission, which is the Senate Isakson-Conrad amendment. The bill passed by the House today goes to House-Senate conference committee.

The 10 members of the Commission will be chosen by eight members of the Congressional leadership. Among the eight, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), the Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee, is the only one who has called for—and still demands—a real Pecora investigation in the Senate Banking Committee, where the original Pecora investigation was held. The other seven have defended the financial predators from investigation, and bailed them out at the expense of the American people. The appointments are to be made by Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (two commissioners each); House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio); Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ken.); Senate Banking Chair Chris Dodd (D-Conn.); House Financial Services Committee Chair Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Ranking Member Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), and Shelby.

What Caused This Depression

What caused this depression is the same thing that causes all depressons (a.k.a. recessions) which don't have an obvious destructive event such as war-damage or natural disaster: artificial inflation of the money supply. Of which occurs through fractional reserve banking and/or an increase in fiat money, i.e., through fraudulent banking and/or through counterfeiting.

The reason why is because all prices are determined by supply and demand, including the interest rate, which is the price on loans. By artificially increasing the money supply by means of fraud and/or counterfeiting, this lowers the price of the interest rate. It thereby falsely gives the appearance of more savings existing (i.e., more saved wealth available to loan) than is actually the case. More to the point, it makes business projects that otherwise would not have been undertaken seem ex ante to be profitable, but which are later found not to be viable. Hence, by lowering the interest rate below the natural rate, it causes malinvestments, particularly clustered in the area of capital goods (since the only way to grow an economy is through an increase in capital goods, i.e., those goods which aren't consumed for their own sake, but are used to make the consumer goods people do directly use).

As well, the first spenders of the fiat/fractional reserve money (i.e., the government and its insider-connected elites who create it on fiat) get the benefit of obtaining actual goods and services by spending money that was, in effect, created out of essentially nothing. That is, the government and its favored elites who create the fiat/fractional reserve money get actual goods and services essentially for free (i.e., for the cost of typing a few numbers into a computer terminal, writing a few numbers in a ledger, or printing up some paper). Whereas the rest of the economy is saddled with a devauled currency. Moreover, actual goods and services in the economy are being funneled from genuine value-producers into a parasitical sector of society, thereby making society as a whole poorer and less productive than it would have been without this parasitical drain.

Hence, in addition to causing the destructive boom-bust cycle in the economy, a fiat/fractional reserve currency also acts as an obfuscated tax, although a particularly pernicious tax.

For more on this, see:

America's Great Depression, Prof. Murray N. Rothbard (Auburn, Alabama: The Ludwig von Mises Institute, fifth edition, 2000; originally published 1963) http://www.mises.org/rothbard/agd.pdf

The above book concerns how governments create depressions/recessions through credit expansion (i.e., fractional reserve banking and/or fiat currency).

See also:

"Against Fiduciary Media," Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe with Profs. Jörg Guido Hülsmann and Walter Block, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1998), pp. 19-50 http://www.mises.org/journals/qjae/pdf/qjae1_1_2.pdf

Plank No. 5 of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels's Communist Manifesto is "Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly." (See Manifesto of the Communist Party by Marx and Engels, English edition of 1888. http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/61 ) A central bank is a government-created institution that's in complete contradiction to a free market.

For the history on how the "capitalist" (i.e., mercantilist) elite in the U.S. bankrolled Communism as well as National Socialism, see the below scholarly books by libertarian Antony C. Sutton, Ph.D.:

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Antony C. Sutton, Ph.D. (New Rochelle, N.Y.: Arlington House Publishers, 1974) http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/bolshevik_revolution/index.html

(Note: Chapter I of the above book refers to a 1911 St. Louis Post-Dispatch cartoon illustration by Robert Minor. This can be viewed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Robert-Minor-Dee-Lighted-1911.png .)

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony C. Sutton, Ph.D. (Suffolk, England: Bloomfield Books, 1976) http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/wall_street/index.html

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Antony C. Sutton, Ph.D. (Billings, M.T.: Liberty House Press, 1986) http://reformed-theology.org/html/books/best_enemy/index.html

See also:

"Thyssen Funds Found in U.S.," International News Service (INS), July 31, 1941 http://www.infowars.com/print_prescott.htm

Vesting Order Number 248, Federal Register, November 7, 1942 http://www.mbpolitics.com/bush2000/Vesting.htm

"Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed," John Buchanan, New Hampshire Gazette, Vol. 248, No. 1, October 10, 2003 http://web.archive.org/web/20040510030611/http://nhgazette.com/cgi-bin/N...

"'Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951'--Federal Documents," John Buchanan and Stacey Michael, New Hampshire Gazette, Vol. 248, No. 3, November 7, 2003 http://web.archive.org/web/20031119040002/http://www.nhgazette.com/cgi-b...

"How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power," Ben Aris and Duncan Campbell, Guardian (U.K.), September 25, 2004 http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1312540,00.html

"How the Bush family made its fortune from the Nazis," Attorney John Loftus, former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor and current President of the Florida Holocaust Museum, September 27, 2000 http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/new_world_order/bush_nazis.html


I also recommend that everyone see the below reading list:

"Recommended Reading Concerning Political and Economic Theory," September 30, 2005 http://www.armleg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4&mforum=libertyandtruth

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," SSRN, May 3, 2009 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001) http://geocities.com/jrredford/anarchist-jesus.pdf

Theophysics: http://geocities.com/theophysics/

Mises's systemic malinvestment theory of the business cycle

I'm glad to see you cite Murray Rothbard, the brilliant libertarian economist who was never afraid to call attention to government schemes ("conspiracies") against the people. Had he been living, he'd have been foremost among those calling for 9/11 truth.

Alas, Rothbard died in the mid-'90s, and those who've been noisily styling themselves heirs to the body of Rothbard's ideas, like Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo, are busy betraying Rothbard's legacy by ducking and covering from 9/11 truth, as befits the sniveling opportunists they are.

But, then, nearly the entire establishment of paid libertarian publishers, writers, and organizers has fled 9/11 truth. Yet it's perfectly obvious that 9/11 truth enjoys tremendous popularity among the libertarian grassroots. For example, one thing guaranteed to make a Ron Paul supporter crowd anywhere in the country shout loudly with delight is to pointedly refer to 9/11 truth issues, as Jesse Ventura and certain others have done. (Yet, rather predictably, Ron Paul and his organization are only willing to softly affirm the OCT.)

I should add:

There has been one prominent libertarian who not only supports 9/11 truth, but has been in the forefront of the 9/11 truth movement: Alex Jones.

My apologies for such a gaping omission.

9/11 Commission

Palo Alto
While this lays out the issues people connected directly with the 9/11 Commission had, it does not state exactly what in the 9/11 Commission report is wrong or missing. The web site, www.eventson911.com, lays out exactly what information was left out of the 9/11 Commission report and even has almost all of the missing information listed from the original source documents right on this site. Almost all of the missing information came from other government reports and investigations of 9/11 or from trials of terrorists who were arrested inside of the US. A short summary is included so in a few minutes anyone can see exactly why the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were successful.