FILM: New World Order by See Think Films

New World Order by See Think Films

I just finished watching the See Think film New World Order on Comcast On Demand. This is a film I had never heard of before, but a quick check shows that there have been two earlier blog posts here on the film:

After seeing the film I'm quite curious to know where else it is showing on cable, how many of you have seen it and what you all think about the film.

I find it particularly interesting that a film about the 9/11 truth movement would get this kind of exposure on a giant corporate network like Comcast when films exposing the serious problems with the government's conspiracy theory are completely shut out.

Here's WIRED magazine's review of the film:

Underwire Taking the Pulse of Pop Culture
SXSW: New World Order Illuminates Conspiracy Theorists
By Lewis Wallace
March 14, 2009

You’ve probably heard the conspiracy theories — the Bilderberg Group secretly runs the world, 9/11 was an inside job, a group of elites is working to establish a "new world order."

The documentary New World Order, which had its world premiere Friday at the South by Southwest film festival, offers an inside look at the people who dedicate their lives to investigating and spreading the word about such conspiracy theories.

The 83-minute movie, by directors Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, who worked together on 2006’s Darkon, focuses chiefly on Alex Jones (pictured), a documentary filmmaker and talk-radio host with a loud voice, an urgent message and, many times, a bullhorn in hand.

Jones, whose movies include such dire polemics as Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement and Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, certainly seems sincere enough as he tries to shine a light on the annual Bilderberg meeting, where world leaders meet in secret to talk about … something.

As New World Order follows Jones and some of his fellow conspiracy mongers, it delivers a fascinating look at true believers who are desperate to expose the supposed sins of politicians and business chieftains. Without delving deeply into the conspiracy theories themselves, the movie introduces the real people whose lives are in some instances consumed by these exotic ideas.

The grim scenarios outlined by the conspiracy theorists are familiar to anybody with a yen for exploring the information rat holes so prevalent on the internet. One of Jones’ cohorts calls the web the conspiracy theorist’s best friend — the cheapest and easiest way to disseminate information that’s ever existed.

Jones has turned his Infowars concept into a cottage industry. But the truly telling part of New World Order is its revealing depiction of the individuals who spend their spare time establishing alternative communities or burning DVDs to hand out at the World Trade Center site.

Alternately amusing and poignant, New World Order peels back a layer of mystery to show the conspiracy theorists’ strange world. Meyer and Neel set out to make an even-handed documentary that lets Jones and his people speak for themselves, and they’ve succeeded. It’s an interesting and compelling portrait of a thriving subculture.
* * * * * * * *
Review in Film Threat:
by Don R. Lewis
(2009-03-14) 2009, Un-rated, 85 minutes

Got about seven hours you want to spend wrapped up reading stuff on the internet? If so, google search some of the following: “Bilderberg Group,” “WTC Building 7,” “911+ truth” and then top it all off by going to Alex Jones’s conspiracy wonderland, Info Wars. In that seven hours (or more) you spend reading about vast conspiracies, mostly centered on the impending “New World Order,” one of two things will likely happen. You’ll either shake your head in amazement at how some people can be so insane, paranoid and obsessed or, you’ll see that there are some pretty damned convincing arguments to be found about where our country is headed as well as the events surrounding the 9-11 attacks. Documentary filmmakers Luke Myer and Andrew Neel’s “New World Order” take us into the world of the “conspiracy theorists” in their outstanding new film, “New World Order.”

Myer and Neel hit big on the doc scene in 2006 with the criminally underrated “Darkon,” a film about a group of folks who stage medieval battles on soccer fields in suburbia. And much like “Darkon,” Myer and Neel back way, way off in terms of telling you what to think about the characters and truth-is-stranger-than-fiction worlds they’re showing us. While watching “New World Order,” I really found myself trying to grasp what it was these conspiracy theorists were saying and couldn’t bring myself to dismiss them as just plain crazy. Sure, there are some really weird and random theories they cling to and they all seem really into Ron Paul (I’m sure he’s thrilled), but damn it, there’s also some things about 9-11 that just don’t make sense.

The film mainly focuses on the Godfather of the 9-11 conspiracy school, Alex Jones. The Austin, TX shock jock has truly made a career out of trying to expose “the truth” behind 9-11. Or, maybe he’s made a career-and a very lucrative one at that-trying to convince people there’s a conspiracy behind 9-11. In “New World Order” we follow Jones and some other like-minded individuals as they live their life consumed by an effort to prove that 9-11 was an inside job. They show up at ground zero in New York City on the 9-11 anniversary to hand out flyers. They travel to where the Bilderberg Group meets and try to get access. They make their own videos for you-tube explaining why everyone who ever had any kind of money and power is in on this mass conspiracy to enslave the world. While many of their acts seem equivalent to children poking around a graveyeard looking for ghosts, there’s also an excitement and a hope that they might find “something” out that’s real, and tangible, and will make people stop thinking they’re crazed.

In the film we meet young college student Luke Rudowski who spends all of his free time prosthelitizing about the New World Order and the Bilderberg group. He’s a nice kid, energetic and passionate about his beliefs and again, he makes some valid points. For instance, I didn’t know who or what the Bilderberg Group is or who it consisted of and when you find out, it’s more than a little disconcerting. Apparently once a year the wealthiest and most influential people in the world get together for a top-secret meeting in a secret location. Why is this o.k.? What are they talking about? To quote Tom Waits, “what are they building in there?” We don’t know and we never find out in “New World Order.” However, Rudowski makes a great point when he says (and I’m paraphrasing here) “if 100 of America’s top celebrities got together in a hotel for a secret meeting, the media would be all over it. Why don’t they ever cover this meeting?” A good point. We also meet a good ole country boy named Seth who was so moved by the lack of concern or help from our government during Hurricane Katrina, he changed careers and became a Salvation Army worker in Louisiana and Biloxi, MI. In his spare time, he spreads “the truth,” or what he believes to be true. Another group we meet has moved to very rural Idaho in order to be safe from the impending police state that will soon encompass America.

While I can’t say I’m fully convinced the people profiled in “New World Order” are onto anything resembling “the truth,” I will say again, there are some compelling truths to be found in the film and by the Alex Jones acolytes. But it does seem that every time a reasoned, well thought out point springs forth from these conspiracy nuts, Myer and Neel manage to capture an equally disturbing moment of wackness that completely derails any point that may have been proven. As such “New World Order” is an intriguing, evenhanded peek into a world all around us that we never really see.
* * * * * * * *
Review from
SXSW 09: New World Order Review
A fascinating documentary about conspiracy theorists.
by Christopher Monfette

March 16, 2009 - Sometimes, truth is relative; often, so is sanity. It'd be simple to dismiss the men and women featured in New World Order as 9/11 kooks and conspiracy nutjobs, preaching a system of radical impossibilities and proudly wearing their obvious pathology. It would be simple, certainly, but would it be accurate? Documentary filmmakers Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, whose last film Darkon chronicled the world of live-action role playing, offer up an examination of the conspiracy theory culture, following its various leaders and figureheads – chief among them, Alex Jones – in what one imagines ranks among the fairest possible portrayals of its subjects.

Like Jerusalem or Mecca, there is a holy-land for those branded as "conspiracy theorists" – the grassy knoll of JFK's assassination or the site of the 9/11 disaster in New York City. The term "theorist," however, can only be used loosely here, as these are individuals who believe wholly and absolutely that their theories are factual – that they are considered theories only in as much as the evidence required to qualify them as history has been forever covered up. Are they the creators of the perfect self-fulfilling prophecy, tragically out of touch with the realities of the world in which they live? Or are they simply the only ones willing to see the truth? There are moments throughout New World Order when one must consider the possibilities: What if 9/11 were an inside job? Or what if there were an organized group of the world's political and economic elite scripting the course of history? And if that were true, how much would it matter? How much would it affect your day to day life? To what degree, if any, is ignorance truly bliss and to what degree can the truth set you free?

Meyer and Neel succeed in doing exactly what any great documentarian should – never turn away, whatever the circumstances. Just when the viewer is becoming concerned that the film might have intentionally set out to be overly symapethic, there's a sequence where the extreme, almost unsettling presence of obsession becomes obvious. This is wonderfully illustrated by a few brief conversations with Jones which play up his humanity – and to a certain extent his believability – juxtaposed moments later by a radio interview in which Jones falls aggressively, uncomfortably into character, unleashing an impassioned rant in an almost hypnotic state of rage. And yet for every moment of relative "craziness," there's a softer, quieter moment where these characters are shown to be people, caring and loving and always with the best of intentions.

As with Darkon, Meyer and Neel seem less interested in the straight up or down truth of the culture as they are in how and why people plug into it. New World Order isn't really about the New World Order; it's not interested in presenting a factual case to prove or disprove any particular theory. Rather, it's interested in the people, striving to examine their personal motivations and show, if only for a moment, the degree to which members of a much-ridiculed fringe group – whether it be LARPers or conspiracy theorists – are first and foremost people. And what's most fascinating is that, at the end of the day, one would be hard pressed to speculate whether New World Order will really ever change anybody's mind. It shows just enough of these people being crazy to support those who'd prefer to simply blanket them with the stigma, and it shows just enough of them being absolutely human to justify the sympathies of those willing to lend it them. And that's without even getting into the arguement of whether they might be right.

Overall, New World Order is a fascinating, confusing, moving, frustrating, multi-layered documentary that sheds light on a group we might otherwise purposefully keep in the darkness. Without agenda or judgment, we are left to decide on our own how we feel, and for a documentary in a day when documentaries are notoriously manipulative, that's a mark of excellence.
* * * * * * * *
Review from Ain't It Cool News:

Published on Saturday, March 14, 2009 - 5:04pm

Monki peels the first day of SXSW: SXSW INTERACTIVE & the conspiracy doc, NEW WORLD ORDER!

Greetings humans, Monki here, partially hungover from my first night at SXSW 2009.
This has the makings of a fantastic year at SXSW. The crowds seem a bit less nuts and the people have all been pretty laid back so far. Hopefully that will keep up. Oh, and the free drinks have been flowing. Only at SXSW will you find a party called "Pastries and Pasties!" Gotta love that. Nothing better than boobs and cupcakes.

This is the first year I've been a part of the interactive portion of SXSW as well. I've been graced with a gold badge so I can get in to all sorts of trouble...interactive trouble. It's going to be interesting hitting the interactive stuff during the day and the film stuff at night. I can imagine this will be an exhausting week by the end of it all.

My first day of SXSW 09 started with a panel on web-design. It could have been dull, but the presenter used some interesting metaphors to compare the evolution of web design to the evolution of film. He posited that we are still in the infancy of design and that the majority of websites out there are just "dead trees," a reference to the newspaper industry.

Using clips from Georges Melies' "A Trip to the Moon" he went on to show how the first couple of decades of film were pretty much just stage plays put to tape, much like how the majority of internet sites are just digital newspapers. He then showed off a clip from "Birth of a Nation" to show how Griffith took new tools (cross cutting, close-ups, etc.) and put them all together to make something new and unique. An interesting idea and a pretty sweet way to make something like web design a bit less dull. Not too shabby for my first interactive event at a SXSW.

From there I went over to a panel hosted by a group that creates ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) for community and corporate events. I've been a big ARG fan and I'm always curious to see these things work.

The Go Game (the group presenting this panel) has actually created an ARG that anyone can participate in during SXSW. I've only skimmed the surface so far of it, but it involves challenges, scavenger hunt missions and even face to face confrontations with strangers! Awesome. It's called "Running with SXSWissors" and you can play along right here. You earn points as you do missions and the top five folks at the end of the game will get a free badge to next year's SXSW Interactive festival. Not bad at all. You can play along with your web-enabled phone wherever you are. If you do register, make sure you let them know that Monki referred you.

After all those shenanigans, I finally caught my first film. I headed towards the Alamo Ritz to check out "New World Order."

New World Order is a documentary about the guys who dare to question what most people would call "reality." This is a film about the 911 "Truthers," the conspiracy theorists, the Alex Jones' of the world...and what do you know, Alex Jones is all over this movie.

Alex Jones is either a hero or a nutjob depending on who you are talking to. If you haven't heard his daily radio show on the internet, or his local show here in Austin, you've probably unknowingly seen him in films like Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly. (Animated versions of him at least.) He is of the "9/11 was an inside job." ilk. A hugely polarizing character.

This a documentary in the purist sense of the word and I thought it was fantastic. The filmmakers could have easily made this a hokey, "look at these nuts" type of film, but instead they present their characters with an unbiased take. I can imagine the difficulty in creating a balanced film with this subject matter, but these guys pulled it off.

Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer, the directors, are also the guys behind the fantastic film "Darkon," which was a big SXSW hit a few years ago. Before the film I was curious about their choice of subject matter for this one, but during the Q&A they mentioned how, like the LARPers featured in Darkon, the "Truthers" are really just another sub-culture of people, so it wasn't as big of a jump as most thought it was. Makes sense to me.

Check this one out if you get a chance. If anything, for one scene between a husband and wife singing a hymn while footage of 9/11 rolls in the background on a television. A very surreal moment.

From there I went on a whirlwind of Mexican food and various alcohols before ending up on a couch next to Jason Segal. Strange. And then in a drunken genius moment I think I was a dick to Paul Rudd. So, Paul Rudd, if you are reading this, I apologize for being a dick. My bad.

Alright folks, tons more SXSW to come, until next time, back up the tree I go!
* * * * * * * *

The film appears to be getting its East Coast premiere on May 22 at Cinema Village in NYC.

I look forward to seeing a lively debate on the film, the reviews and the fact that this film is being pushed by the corporate media.

[I'm going to watch the film at least one more time before I render a full opinion, but my first impression is that the film does not portray the 9/11 truth movement in a favorable, or even neutral, light.]

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I'm not sure how I feel about Alex being represented as the leader of the 9/11 truth movement.

Or any of us, for that matter.

I Agree

Actually we have no real leader but if it were up to me I would choose DRG. I love AJ but sometimes he comes on too strong. I love his work and agree with just about everything he says but I still think DRG comes on like a credible person. He had dignity and grace and is very well spoken.

David Ray Griffin's Mind Is Owned by Rockefeller

Prof. David Ray Griffin has been good on the 9/11 issue, but many of his other views are atrocious. Griffin actually promotes the ruling elite's self-termed New World Order plan for a one-world government, in addition to promoting other odious globalist elite agendas as well. (Yes, by the very same ruling elite who brought us the U.S. government-staged 9/11 attacks, etc., in furtherance of their one-world government end-goal.) Griffin himself admits that his view that a one-world government is necessary was formed at the Bellagio-Rockefeller Study Center, which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. For the details on that, see:

"David Ray Griffin Responds & So Do I, (With Links on 'Sustainable Development' Scam)," Angie, October 3, 2004

And below are some of Prof. Griffin's absurd statements on U.S. President Barack Obama, when Obama has clearly demonstrated that he is a complete tool of the same oligarchy that owned Bush:

"We have a new president in town," Griffin told a full house of around 250 in a small auditorium on the Keene State College campus. "Some of his decisions have been spectacular."


"Give the guy a break," Griffin urged, noting that Obama, as the new president, has an "enormous burden" placed upon him.

From "Author Griffin: Obama, special prosecutor best hope for new 9-11 probe," Peter Duveen, April 22, 2009

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," SSRN, Mar. 19, 2009 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001)


For somebody

who's mind is "owned" by Rockefeller, he's sure doing him a lot of damage.

I'm getting a bit tired of the AJ ranters.

Griffin Promotes the Oligarchy's Agenda

How is Prof. David Ray Griffin doing the globalist oligarchy any damage when his promoted solution is their desired one-world government and population-control agenda, which they term the New World Order?

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," SSRN, Mar. 19, 2009 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001)



I want you to quote me, exactly, where DRG's desired solution is a "one-world government" and a "population-control agenda".

Anything less will not do, considering your GRAVE ALLEGATIONS.

Griffin's Oligarchy-Created Weltanschauung

SnowCrash, you're obviously not interested in this information, since I already provided a link where one could read Prof. David Ray Griffin's own words on this matter. Your present request is a rhetorical tactic by you in an attempt to tergiversate around dealing with the facts, rather than being a sincere request for knowledge. Nonetheless, I'll go over the information here, as well.

In a September 13, 2004 letter to Angie (see "David Ray Griffin Responds & So Do I, (With Links on 'Sustainable Development' Scam)," Angie, October 3, 2004 ), Prof. Griffin writes the following regarding his support for a one-world government:

One of your reasons [to beware of David Ray Griffin] appears to be that both I and Richard Falk, the author of the Foreword to my book, are "one world government aficionados." It is certainly true that I am in favor of global democracy and have been working on a rather big book on this topic for many years. But I was surprised that you would assume that there is something "creepy" to what I have in mind without looking at my arguments and the particular form of "world government" that I advocate. Since you and I had corresponded some time back, if I correctly recall, I am puzzled why you, given your obvious concern for truth, did not write to find out exactly what my views are before suggesting, in a public document, that they are somehow involved in a massive conspiracy.

In the same letter, Prof. Griffin goes on to detail that his view that a one-world government is necessary was formed at the Bellagio-Rockefeller Study Center, which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation:

Besides my association with these individuals, the next mark against me in your book is evidently the fact that after Cobb and I founded the Center for Process Studies, it "received support from the Rockefeller Foundation." Had you written to ask about this, I would have gladly given you more specific information: Our first conference, held in the summer of 1974, brought together a number of distinguished scientists and philosophers to discuss problems in the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution and to consider an alternative to it. It took place at the Rockefeller Foundation's Study and Conference Center at Bellagio, Italy. The arrangement is that if they accept your application and you can pay the way for all the conferees to get there, they give you room, board, and a meeting place for 3 or 4 days. That has been the extent of our center's support from the Rockefeller Foundation. Cobb and I acknowledge this support in the Preface of the resulting book, Mind in Nature: Essays on the Interface of Science and Philosophy.

Incidentally, I personally, as an individual scholar, went back to Bellagio in 1992, where my wife and I stayed for about 5 weeks. It was there, in fact, that I first developed the conviction that if the world's global problems are to be solved, we need to move from the present global structure--technically known as global anarchy--to global democracy. This past year I applied to return, with the hope of finishing a book that I started the day after 9/11. But this time my application was denied. Perhaps I was foolish to reveal my topic: global democracy as the only, or at least the best, way to overcome US imperialism (certainly better than the standard approach, which would be for the other nations to combine forces against us, which would probably be a route to global nuclear war).

In Chapter 5: "Global Government: Objections Considered" by David Ray Griffin, pp. 57-67 from Toward Genuine Global Governance: Critical Reactions to "Our Global Neighborhood," edited by Errol E. Harris and James A. Yunker (Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers, 1999), Prof. Griffin writes the following regarding his major project to "develop a theology for a new world order":

Our efforts toward global governance must be two-pronged: at the same time as the case is being made for the necessity and possibility of global government, people in various religious and philosophical traditions need to be interpreting those traditions, probably through a combination of retrieval and reformation, so as to reveal and emphasize their support for this transition to world unity ... My major project at present is, in fact, to develop a theology for a new world order ...

The Center for Process Studies was co-founded by David Ray Griffin along with John B. Cobb, Jr. in 1973, and Prof. Griffin is currently one of its co-directors. From the official Center for Process Studies publication Process Perspectives: Newsletter of the Center for Process Studies; A Relational Worldview for the Common Good, Vol. 23, No 3 (Winter 2001), ISSN 0360-618X ( , ) is contained the "Declaration in Support of the Earth Charter Initiative" by the International Process Network (Claremont, California, January 6, 2001), which was officially signed-on to by the Center for Process Studies. The International Process Network was founded at the Center for Process Studies' International Whitehead Summit held in Claremont, California, January 4-6, 2001, at which Prof. Griffin was in attendance. The following is from said Declaration:

an unprecedented rise in human population and scales of human consumption overburden ecological and social systems. Seriously unsustainable demands are being placed on our social and ecological systems. The foundations of global security and prosperity are threatened.

Through a long participatory process, a new Earth Charter has been proposed for promoting change for a sustainable future. We give our most sincere and profound support for this new Earth Charter. We endorse its principles and pledge ourselves to teaching them and living our lies [sic] consistently with them.

In addition, we commit ourselves to a philosophical critique of the values and understandings that have led to our present situation. We pledge ourselves to the development of an integrative understanding of the world that undergirds and supports just and sustainable human communities in an ecologically responsible context. We are committed to affirming and developing supportive philosophies and actions for the realization of the goals of the Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Initiative are projects created by the globalist oligarchy. For example, Prof. Steven C. Rockefeller, son of Nelson Rockefeller, was chairman of the Earth Charter international drafting committee. For much more on the ruling elite origins of the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Initiative, see:

"Rebutting Rockefeller: the chairman of the Earth Charter drafting committee takes issue with this magazine's expose, 'The New World Religion.' The facts show that his objections are not sustainable.," William F. Jasper, The New American, November 4, 2002

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," SSRN, Mar. 19, 2009 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001)



That was an elaborate response, and it deserves an elaborate answer.

First of all, I'm interested in your answer. My question was meant to be confronting, but not rhetorical. I didn't intend to tergiversate either, wrather it seems quite obvious that I was impatient for your answer. That you had to post the link again, is unfortunate, but is a typical case of "TL;DR".

You have literally quoted DRG using the phrase "New World Order" in a context implying DRG's approval of that idea.

You have however, in my opinion, not delivered on the subject of DRG's alleged population-control agenda. You quote from a newsletter of the Center for Process Studies, to support your assertion that DRG shares such an agenda.

First of all, nothing in that quote gives me that impression. Overpopulation is a real and urgent problem, which will eventually lead to shortages of natural resources, water, leading to famine, conflict, and, eventually, depopulation. This is the same self-regulatory equilibrium as, say, the fluctuating population of foxes and rabbits, depending on how many rabbits there are left to eat, and how many foxes are left to eat them, and at what rate both species breed their young. I've programmed such a simulation for a college assignment. It was fun.

The human race is no different. If earth's population continues to grow at the current rate, there will come a point where depopulation will occur automatically, because earth simply will not provide enough resources to sustain all human life. This is harsh, and tragic, but this is due to the viral nature of mankind; the way we treat our planet and greedily consume its natural resources. We are like parasites, and if we kill our host, that means we, as well, become extinct. Planet Earth could care less about us. We are just maggots crawling the surface. Better treat your host with respect, or it will get rid of you.

By using the phrase "population-control agenda" you are specifically targeting the Alex Jones crowd, because this term suggests forced depopulation by means of fabricated crises, false flag operations, nuclear holocaust, bio-warfare or perhaps even mass extermination in FEMA concentration camps. A world then inherited by a sinister elite, who enslave the remaining populace while living like gods. Something along those lines. A scary prospect, indeed.

DRG, you tacitly suggest, might be in on it.

However, it pays to actually read sources referenced. From reading the paragraphs around your quotes, I get a totally different idea and a totally different contextual vibe. Let me put your quotes into proper context: (I find the "living our lies" misspelling quite humorous btw)

We endorse the expression of our global situation as stated in the preamble of the Earth
Charter. This Preamble states that we stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, when
humanity must choose its future. Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe. Earth is our
home, a one-time endowment in the life of the universe. The well being of humanity and
all life depends upon preserving a healthy biosphere with all its ecological systems. Yet the
dominant patterns of human production and consumption and the values that guide our
human endeavors are leading to a devastation of the environment, the depletion of resources,
and a massive extinction of species. The viability of human communities is being
undermined. The benefits of development are being primarily extended to only a small
portion of the human community and the gap between rich and poor is widening. Injustice,
poverty, ignorance and violent conflict are widespread and the cause of great suffering.
unprecedented rise in human population and scales of human consumption overburden
ecological and social systems. Seriously unsustainable demands are being placed on our
social and ecological systems. The foundations of global security and prosperity are

Through a long participatory process, a new Earth Charter has been proposed for promoting
change for a sustainable future. We give our most sincere and profound support for this
new Earth Charter. We endorse its principles and pledge ourselves to teaching them and
living our lies [sic] consistently with them.

In addition, we commit ourselves to a philosophical critique of the values and understandings
that have led to our present situation. We pledge ourselves to the development of an
integrative understanding of the world that undergirds and supports just and sustainable
human communities in an ecologically responsible context. We are committed to affirming
and developing supportive philosophies and actions for the realization of the goals of the
Earth Charter. We believe the adequacy of philosophy is reflected in its capacity for enabling
humanity to respond to the deepest spontaneities and authenticities in the universe, as they
are made known to humanity in experience and thought. We find a meaningful resource for
this endeavor to be the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, but we include in
this quest all relational philosophies and worldviews that enable humanity to live out the
principles of the Earth Charter, opting for life in an integral community of all beings.
Claremont, California
January 6, 2001

(emphases (pl.) mine)

Now, you do say that these organizations are created by the globalist oligarchy. You mention Steven C. Rockefeller, and refer me to an article by William F. Jasper in The New American, dated Nov 4, 2002.

I see my government was involved, and I did find a few websites, in Dutch, describing the mission of the organization. I quickly becomes clear to me what is going on here. Christians, academics, hippies, businessmen. The Dutch government is generally not benign, but in certain areas it is extremely cooperative and gullible. This would include environmental issues. We were, (In the nineties) quite left-leaning tree huggers. We are now extreme right-wing fascist tree huggers. But I digress.

I've seen and read this sort of diatribe all before. It's extreme right-wing nonsense detracting completely from the real issue at hand. Let me quickly sum up some of the reasons why I find the article you linked so irritating. The whole article is constructed around the desire to drop the S-bomb. That is..socialism. Which somehow, in the United States, equals communism. This is McCarthyist nonsense.

Yeah. You've done real well for yourselves over there boys, with that free market capitalism. People dying waiting for care in the hospital. People en mass without health insurance. Economic meltdown. Enormous gap between the haves and the have-nots. Bankers who have the government in a stranglehold of perpetual debt. Unbelievable bonuses for failing corporations. Enormous globalist monopolist companies, with no scrupules and no other incentive than to make money. Theft of public money. Commercial cartel media that parrot the party line.

Yeah. Excellent. Capitalism is great. But calling the Rockefellers 'socialist' is when it gets difficult for me not to just laugh. These are money hungry, power hungry fascists, not socialists. Get your historical facts straight. Stop projecting the opposite of your own political ideology onto all your enemies. I will criticise the left whenever they drop the ball on the most basic concept which I hold so dearly: freedom. This is the case with the one man pr-show slash fascist enabler Barack Obama.

This discussion is worth a book, James. There are people working at the United Nations who sincerely believe they are improving the planet. There are people working at the CIA who believe they are protecting their country. Some of them join our movement when they learn how naive they've been.

Me? I'm against religious institutions. I'm pro-choice. I'm pro the original American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That includes the 2nd amendment. I believe global climate change is a real and present danger.

(Google "global dimming"; -- On sept. 11th, all airplanes were grounded, causing the sky to clear up from con trails, causing a one centrigrade temperature increase across the USA, which is an absurd metereological incident. 9/11 really does provide chances to wake up)

I believe in equal health care for everybody and a safety net for those at the bottom. I believe in decentralization, i.e. national, ethnic and regional sovereignty, although there are mixed blessings in all forms of state and governance.

Americans generally despise most of the above, because they are taught Friedmanian capitalism from youth, mixed with a form of toxic christian jingoist exceptionalism. Anybody who dares utter socialist ( == more humane) thoughts is a traitor. A blasphemer. An enabler of weaklings. An Orwellian egalitarian. A communist

So what are my thoughts? People such as David Ray Griffin are suckered into thinking they are participating in a think-thank for global 'democracy'. This is how it works. Once the global government is put in place by (admittedly naive) suckers, it becomes more and more a despotic instrument. The whole world-peace and sustainability mumbo-jumbo quickly turns out to be a trojan horse. Of course it is. It's a vehicle carrying terrible things, lifting along, just like those military exercises on 9/11 served to carry the terrorist attacks.

You are however hell bent on lining up DRG with mass murderers. This is why I don't always agree with the sometimes misdirected zealotry of the AJ-crowd. I agree with a lot, but there comes a point where I trust MY OWN opinion better. And trust me, I know the dangers, I've actually talked to influential people which said some pretty disturbing things to me.

Why misdirected? Because everybody can be an 'agent for the NWO', or a 'disinfo shill'. Next stop: the Jews did it. Really, get off my back with that.

Fletcher Prouty said the culprits reside in an overlap of money men, military, politics, and intelligence. This is what I call the MIC. A clear, identifiable target. Simplistically: Yes, Bush did it. His brother Marvin helped. His other brother, Jeb, in Florida helped too. Cheney/Rumsfeld did the shootdown authorization-thingy. Wolfowitz took care of the war planning. Meyers, Winfield, etc. took care of the nation's defenses. Moles in the FBI such as Frasca stopped inquiries into Al Qaeda until zero hour. That's how it happened. I have hardly illusions left about politicians and public servants and their supposed 'moral limits'.

No. It's shameless, in your face, right there, gazing at you. Torturing people and laughing at you while they aren't prosecuted for it. Not some wealthy baron pulling the strings or a secret cult. And for what? For multiple imperialist, strategic, financial and nationalist reasons, that all happen to align around war and the right fabricated pretext for it.

No, I don't blame DRG. May he have been foolish? Yes. Is he 'creepy'? No. Not any more than CIA-veteran Ray McGovern or Congresswoman McKinney, who could all be positioned, with the right amount of paranoid fact massaging, into a role of New World Order shill. Enough already. You're looking into the wrong place for shills. Look towards the MSM. The credibility boost of a former CIA employee saying 9/11 was a black op, is enormous. The number of people DRG awoke is enormous. He gives talks to the European Parliament about 9/11. But somehow though, his mind is 'owned' by Rockefeller. It's intellectually lazy, does DRG no justice, and you know it.

Your Etatist Inculcation

Your Weltanschauung was formed by the same globalist-oligarchy genocidal maniacs who staged the 9/11 attacks. These are the same people who own the universities, the governments, and the major media that are pushing the genocidal agitprop of Anthropogenic Global Warming (now referred to as "Climate Change," since the Earth has been cooling) and overpopulation.

And you are tergiversating, as the "Declaration in Support of the Earth Charter Initiative" by the International Process Network (Claremont, California, January 6, 2001), was officially signed-on to by the Center for Process Studies, which which Prof. David Ray Griffin co-founded with John B. Cobb, Jr. and is currently a co-director. At any rate, Griffin makes clear from his own words that his position in support for the new world order was obtained from a Reckefeller Foundation organization.

Indeed, he states that his major project is "to develop a theology for a new world order." If that's not "creepy" (to use Angie's word), then there's nothing that possibly could be creepy: particularly since the bible teaches that a one-world government and enforced one-world religion will be instuted by Satan's Beast system during the End Times. Griffin is a theologian professor, which makes his statements on these matters all the more troubling, since he ought to be in a particularly good position to figure out the Satanic and Antichrist implications of his goals. Given Griffin's training, it implies that he does know these implications.

Further, the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Initiative are projects created by the globalist oligarchy. It's a completely top-down project created and funded by the ruling elite (in addition to the information on it already presented, see, e.g., "The Earth Charter Fund," Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors ). For you to even attempt to pretend otherwise demonstrate just how far gone your mind is. I hate having to argue with government-created mental-cases, because you people couldn't care less about the truth. You've deeply imbided the proverbial Jim Jones Flavor Aid, and have been literally programmed for mass-murder and mass-suicide--nor do you wish to be deprogrammed.

There's not much that can really be said to a person like you, other than enjoy your death.


The Earth has been warming and cooling in cycles (including lesser cycles within larger cycles) millions of years before man ever came on the scene, and it will continue to do so, just as always. The nature of nature is change.

Although it would be an utterly blessed thing if the Earth were to warm, since carbon dioxide levels also rise *after* the Earth warms (due to the reduced solubility of CO2 in the oceans as the tempurature rises, among other factors). With the combination of increased warmth and CO2 levels, the Earth's biosphere would be able to support much more life (and hence, more crops; more livestock; as well as more seafood, due to the increased plankton levels). Life loves a warm, CO2-rich Earth.

For the lag in CO2 levels coming 800 (+/- 200) years after warming of the Earth, see:

"Timing of Atmospheric CO2 and Antarctic Temperature Changes Across Termination III," Nicolas Caillon, Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, Jean Jouzel, Jean-Marc Barnola, Jiancheng Kang, Volodya Y. Lipenkov, Science, Vol. 299, No. 5613 (March 14, 2003), pp. 1728-1731

The following are more articles on the matter of natural climate change:

"Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory," Michael Asher, DailyTech, August 29, 2007

"Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?," Timothy Ball, Canada Free Press, February 5, 2007

"Why Politicized Science is Dangerous," Michael Crichton, excerpted from State of Fear (New York, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, December 2004)

"Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says," Kate Ravilious, National Geographic News, February 28, 2007

"Global warming 'is good and is not our fault,'" Sophie Borland, Telegraph (U.K.), September 14, 2007

See also the below archive:

"The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax," Prison Planet


Nor is the world so-called "overpopulated" or becoming so. The more people there are the more resources and wealth there are per capita, because people create resources and wealth, and the more people there are the more opportunities there are for efficient divisions of labor, hence obtaining a more efficient economic system.

In short, the more people there are on Earth, the more wealthy people become per capita (and hence, the more wealth there is in the world in total). Thus, the rational thing to do is to eagerly welcome increasing world populations, since it makes people per capita better off.

For more on this, see the below:

"The Doomslayer: The environment is going to hell, and human life is doomed to only get worse, right? Wrong. Conventional wisdom, meet Julian Simon, the Doomslayer.," Ed Regis, Wired, Issue 5.02, February 1997

The Ultimate Resource 2 by Prof. Julian L. Simon (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, revised edition, 1998)

Of course, the governmental ruling elites are murderously against this, because they fear losing their power to increased populations which they can no longer control and to ever-increasing wealth in the hands of the common masses which makes the common masses more powerful and independent. This is the real reason behind all the governmental school and mass media indoctrination and propaganda which seeks to scare the masses to no end about so-called "overpopulation," "Global Warming," and "Peak Oil" in order to provide justifications for mass-slaughter in order to reduce the world's population. It has nothing to do with helping the common masses, and everything to do with the governmental ruling elites setting forth an agenda to justify murderously slaughtering large portions of the world's population in order so that they can maintain their power.

More than six times the amount of noncombatants have been systematically murdered for purely ideological reasons by their own governments within the past century than were killed in that same time-span from wars. From 1900 to 1923, various Turkish regimes murdered from 3.5 million to over 4.3 million of its own Armenians, Greeks, Nestorians, and other Christians. The Soviet government murdered over 61 million of its own non-combatant subjects. The communist Chinese government murdered over 76 million of it own subjects. And Germany murdered some 16 million of it own subjects in the past century. And that's only a sampling of governments mass-murdering their own noncombatant subjects within the past century. (The preceding figures are from Prof. Rudolph Joseph Rummel's website at .)

All totaled, neither the private-sector crime which government is largely responsible for promoting and causing or even the wars committed by governments upon the subjects of other governments come anywhere close to the crimes government is directly responsible for committing against its own citizens--certainly not in amount of numbers. Without a doubt, the most dangerous presence to ever exist throughout history has always been the people's very own government.

Not only were all of these government mass-slaughters conspiracies--massive conspiracies, at that--but they were conspiracies of which the 9/11 attacks are quite insignificant by comparison.

For more on the globalist elite's misanthropic, Malthusian New World Order population reduction agenda (using the globalist elite's "Peak Oil" and "Global Warming" [or is it "Global Cooling"?] scams as pretexts), see the below articles:

"Forrest Mims did not Misrepresent Prof. Eric Pianka's Statements," James Redford, expanded edition, April 13, 2006

"Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population--Fellow professors and scientists applause and roar approval at elite's twisted and genocidal population control agenda," Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones,, April 3, 2006

"Burnet's solution: The plan to poison S-E Asia," Brendan Nicholson, The Age, March 10, 2002

"Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide," Joseph Brewda, December 8, 1995

"National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests," National Security Council, Washington, D.C., April 24, 1974

"China trades prisoners' organs," video report by Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, BBC News, September 27, 2006

Below is a BBC News article on the above BBC News video report:

"Organ sales 'thriving' in China," BBC News, September 27, 2006

Below is a partial transcript of the above BBC News video report:

"Evidence of Chinese organ harvesting," transcript of a BBC News video by reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, broadcasted September 28, 2006 on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

And the below article concerns the Communist Chinese government's response to the above BBC News video report wherein the Communist Chinese government lies about not selling executed prisoners' organs:

"China denies death-row organ sale," BBC News, September 28, 2006

"Bloody Harvest: Revised Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China," David Matas, Esq. and Hon. David Kilgour, Esq., January 31, 2007

"A legacy of tainted blood," Steve Sternberg, USA Today, July 11, 2006

"France Approved Use of AIDS-Tainted Blood," Alan Riding, New York Times, October 20, 1991

"Bayer Documents: AIDS Tainted Blood Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs," Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP), May 22, 2003

"2 Paths of Bayer Drug in 80's: Riskier Type Went Overseas," Walt Bogdanich and Eric Koli, New York Times, May 22, 2003

"Selling Medicine In Spite of Danger," New York Times, May 21, 2003

Page One, Sheryl WuDunn, Discovery Times (Discovery Channel and New York Times), May 22, 2003

"Bayer Sold HIV-Risky Meds: Says Can't Judge Mid 80s Actions By 2003 Standards And Knowledge," David McHugh, Associated Press (AP), May 22, 2003

"Thousands Contracted HIV Using Tainted Bayer Drug," Charles Joseph Scarborough, Scarborough Country (MSNBC), August 23, 2003:

"Government knew of HIV risk from imported blood: Expert panel decided against import ban--since then 1,757 have died," Sarah Hall, Guardian (U.K.), May 25, 2007,,2087945,00.html

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," SSRN, Mar. 19, 2009 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2001)



"I hate having to argue with government-created mental-cases, because you people couldn't care less about the truth. You've deeply imbided the proverbial Jim Jones Flavor Aid, and have been literally programmed for mass-murder and mass-suicide--nor do you wish to be deprogrammed.

There's not much that can really be said to a person like you, other than enjoy your death."

Thanks for proving my point. And the words out of your mouth mean what now?

theres a split in the elites

there are those who want to take over the world by financial means CFR
and those who advance a military agenda Neocon
the neocons needed a 9/11 to shock the rest of the elites into following their agenda

so i wouldn't say CFR....Rockefeller.... the people who gave us 9/11

the neocons gave us 9/11

Truth is a "moving" not a "movement"

Truth is a "moving" not a movement. The late Alan Watts (not to be confused with Alan Watt) expressed this sort of thing very well. Google him. It will lighten your burden.

I watched most of this film

I watched most of this film recently and agree LeftWright with your first impression that "the film does not portray the 9/11 truth movement in a favorable, or even neutral, light." It borders on being a hit piece really, but disguised as "documentary journalism." It certainly isn't going to win over anybody new to the questions about 9/11 or the Bilderberg Group simply because it's more about personalities than substance. And, unfortunately, the personalities who were chosen are hardly representative of the truth movement -- and they weren't portrayed in a favorable light. Where were the authors like David Ray Griffin, Michel Chossudovsky, Peter Dale Scott, Nafeez Ahmed, Michael Ruppert and filmmakers like Dylan Avery? Alex Jones was as close as they got, and I agree with what Dylan said above.

This film doesn't preach to the choir, and it doesn't bring in newbies either. In sum, it's a total waste of time. Newbies to the truth movement will just see some very obsessed people who need to get a life. That's not meant to be a slam against the people in the film, but simply illustrates how I believe the uninitiated will likely respond.


Focusing on personalities instead of substance is a classic case of misdirection. Also interesting that "...every time a reasoned, well thought out point springs forth from these conspiracy nuts, Myer and Neel manage to capture an equally disturbing moment of wackness that completely derails any point that may have been proven." I'm not sure how 'wackiness' can destroy a reasoned point which is already established, but I can imagine how such a psychological ploy works in the mind of a newcomer.

Much better to just stick with material founded on reason and science. We have plenty.

We have it available in Minnesota

I have seen this on Charter here in Minnesota, and I was initially impressed with the fact that a documentary of this nature was being offered in this way. I have been looking at this, as most of you, for years, and I agree that while Alex may be the most visible figure interested in 9-11 truth, he does not speak for us all. I began to wonder why they hadn't explored more along the lines of Richard Gage or David Ray Griffin, and I began to really question what sorts of interests the people that made this had in mind besides making a film that was either going to be seen or wasn't. I think that the dedication of the people in the film, like Luke and Alex especially, was expressed quite well. It's unfortunate that they were not able or willing to show how many academics and REAL experts we have looking at the 9-11 question and finding evidence to completely disprove the OCT. Oh well, soldier on, I suppose.

Dave Nehring

thumbs up

I've seen it twice. The first time I watched it I didn't like it (for many of the knee-jerk reasons listed above, though I did admire the cinematography, music, etc.). The second time I realized that it is more a film about people and beliefs. I don't even really consider it a film 'about' the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is about its subjects, a handful of people on this planet who believe what they believe, and do what they do. It just so happens that the film's subjects are hip to a lot of the truth of 9/11. This, to me, is secondary. It is easy to lose your mind in the horrors of 9/11 research, it is also easy to find great moments of clarity and communication, and I do think the film shows both, fairly evenly. I now think of New World Order as a beautiful film. As a piece of art, I think it is quite something. Something very unique, sad, and frightening to our times.

As CK said above, "it's more about personalities than substance". I don't think it was ever intended to be used as a tool to wake people up. Once you take that out of the equation, you can see it for what it is, which is in my opinion a fascinating film.

This film isn't about 9/11.

Totally agree with Lullaby - this is about people affected by AJ's anti-New World Order movement not 9/11 research.

My friend Janette

My friend Janette asked me to pass this video around.


hit piece on the 9/11 Truth Movement.

While this may not have been intended as a hit piece on the 9/11 Truth Movement, that's what it amounted to. This film was not about the New World Order but largely about persons who are in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

I saw it at SXSW Film Festival and had a chance to ask questions of the film makers afterwards. While the two young men chose not to discuss their own personal views on this topic, it was abundantly clear from the way the answered questions and the way they put their film together that they are quite ignorant of the importance of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

It is actually a really sad thing when ignorance of people like these men people unwittingly take part in marginalizing an important issue. Unfortunately the knowledge of the thoughtful investigator is not often paired up with the skills of good film makers.

Yes, the film makers seem to be quite ignorant of basic facts

When film maker Andrew Neel says:

"Why seventeen guys would have wanted to crash a plane into those buildings with a bunch of peaceful civilians in them is inconceivable, especially if you live in America."

One really has to wonder how much actual research they brought to the subject of 9/11 and the greater 9/11 truth movement. One also has to wonder what their true intentions in making the film were.

[quote is from the interview at:]

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


If your movement has the likes of:

Alex Jones...Webster Tarpley...Morgan Reynolds...Jim Fetzer...and Jesse Ventura...

Then you fate is sealed as being a marginal movement.

And to have so many amazingly and actually QUALIFIED people who could be looked at as leaders or examples of our leadership deeply involved suggests some cointelpro work. BTW...cointelpro works on people who have absolutely no idea that they are being used for such.

Once again, LeftWright is many steps ahead of us.

On the good side, perhaps we can use this film to create other opportunities for keeping the 9/11 discussion going.

So, scrubbing 9/11 Truth Movement from the AJ types and letting him-them take Ron Paul and go Libertarian or make any other points that they wish to make would be a healthy thing to do.

We Are Changes have NOT helped seeking 9/11 Truth...drop back and take a look at the history. Thankfully many of us have rebuffed the CONFRONTATIONAL approach that WACs brought into the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Now its time for them to braek away and make whatever changes interest them while we keep on trucking towards 9/11 Truth.

Alex Jones IS NOT the leader for 9/11 Truth...we should make this abundently clear...and this entire release is deeply questionable...yet opportunistic.

love, peace and progress

robin hordon

Hi Robin, I agree and disagree....

WAC in most confrontational situations was empowering to activist by showing we did not have to fear the elite! They are now moving closer towards your model of "civil informationing" I believe? There will always be a place for making war criminals squirm, well definately in my book!

AJ is a different story....he is becoming a liability to us, yes but the body of work he represents is simply outstanding if viewed over time. Also his popularity has allowed many celebrities to step from the closet in safety.

It will all work it self out in time and I believe that we are moving away from all you have mentioned as harmful.

This movie is just another subtle excuse for the peace movement to go back to sleep and as you say looks very fishy indeed....that is of a COINTELPRO style op.

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!