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"On September 11th, 2001, the New York skyline changed dramatically. Now it has been scientifically proven, that this happened with the aid of explosives."

Independent scientists from Copenhagen University, multiple universities in the USA and an employee of an Australian company have investigated Ground Zero dust in the form of a two-year research paper. They have, inter alia, verified the remnants of an explosive in the nano-thermite category.

Upon looking at the collapsing buildings on TV , the Danish scientist Dr. Harrit became doubtful. He couldn't explain, how the building collapses could have occurred in this amazing symmetry. In the recent years already numerous scientists have criticized, that although skyscrapers the scale of the Twin Towers burn after an airplane impact, they do not collapse in the manner and way observed. They assume that even the impact of the planes and also the heat from the fires together do not suffice to compromise the complete high-rise. In fact, that's how, one way or another, so many people died - the people on the floors above and below were, depending on their distance to the explosion, harmed little or not at all. In comparable accidents it came, not lastly due to kerosine, to considerable explosions, but these buildings remained standing. You should also look at the statements of Frank DeMartini in this context. Especially the pictures of the imploding WTC 7 in the afternoon of September 11 are strongly reminiscent of controlled demolition of buildings, which you see on the TV now and then.

The chemist Niels H. Harrit also couldn't understand, how the third building, WTC 7, without any effect of an airplane could collapse hours later. In only 6.5 seconds the tower is officially reduced to dust. A third plane crash wasn't listed in this sector, and also nothing is known of additional terrorist attacks - WTC 7 was only hit by falling debris of other buildings. How did we get here?

The official investigations have taken almost seven years, and claim in effect that the failure of a sole column in WTC 7, column number 79, triggered this accident. If this is correct, all high-rises should have a security check-up.

When Harrit saw the the images on TV, the scientist of the University of Copenhagen suspected criminal involvement as the cause for this occurrence. However, in contrast to many other people, he didn't blindly trust the statements of reporters. Instead, he researched on his own. And tested dust residue. In the process, a relatively new substance was discovered, which is only known since the mid-nineties. So-called nano- or super-thermite.

Thermite is the common name for a mixture of iron oxide and aluminium powder. It's regularly used in welding. While the material is stable at room temperature, one can ignite it, provided it is exposed to adequate activation energy. The ensuing chemical reaction heats all substances to 3000 centrigrade, and all components become liquid because of the temperatures reached. Because burning thermite doesn't require external oxygen, the chemical reaction can't be 'choked'. It can be ignited under virtually all conditions and continues to burn without oxygen. Attempts to extinguish with water lead to a worsening of the situation, amongst other things explosive hydrogen mixtures are created.

Nanotechnology played a key role in this crime, however it was executed. It demagnified the thermite aluminum particles present in thermite, so that larger reactive surface areas proportional to substance volume formed, and therefore even faster reaction speeds were accomplished. Materials such as this are only available to the universities researching them or the military. In the opinion of the researcher, such materials are never a normal building component, so under normal circumstances they should have never been found in the rubble. It's also unclear, whether the nano-thermite was primarily employed to heat the columns or also to explode the building. Both are thus possible, the substance is used to propel rockets and contains more energy than conventional dynamite. In a television interview on a Danish tv-channel (see below) Dr. Harrit said, on the basis of the residue of iron-rich microspheres, a byproduct of a thermite reaction, that also came to be after ignition of the red-grey chips, that he assumes 10 to 100 tons of explosives saw use on September 11th.

The international team of researchers refuses to speculate, how the discovered nano-thermite could have been put into place. This void is filled (among others) by scientists Jim Hoffman and Gordon Ross, which have postulated theories. Most likely both properties of the substance nano-thermite, which is employed for military purposes, were used, in other words pressure/volume work as well as high temperatures. The nano-thermite reaction can melt iron very quickly but can also result in explosions. Thus, the nano-thermite most probably melted respectively weakened the load-bearing columns due to the extreme heat of the chemical reaction. The detonations with this explosive were precisely timed, following through floor by floor from top to bottom. Some recordings of the day of the catastrophe and also various eyewitness statements already brought numerous indications for exactly this theory.

From the beginning, the plane crashes themselves and thus locating the terrorist backers were focal points. How though, can one predict such a tragedy, when one doesn't plan it themselves? How did the people, who managed to accomplish the explosive demolitions, manage to take control over multiple planes and steer them into the buildings? How did it happen that a third building collapsed in record time without being affected by a plane crash? Who is behind this and why? Would it have been possible, without the terrible events of this day, to pass all these new security laws in the USA? Many new questions arise in this background.

On this website we want to present this research as well as German translations - as well as television and radio interviews of researchers involved. If you have questions to the authors of the paper, please use the contact form. Insofar as they are authentic, important questions, they will be forwarded to, and answered by, the team of authors.