Sibel Edmonds Launches Her Own Blog

Just received this from Sibel.

For your information. I'm sure it will be updated regularly.

Alright Jon!

good news! If she's gaged, does that mean she can still type it?

Thanks for posting, Jon

It pays to check the blogs section here- I suppose I would've found it eventually, even if I hadn't been.

Latest discussion going on here with Sibel:

Dissecting the US Mainstream Media

This was my comment:

Thanks for your consistent action for disclosure, truth and justice, and for starting a blog, Sibel- will be following this as I've been following your case for a few years.

I agree with 7, as all of it; and I'd add to "self-censorship" Palo Verde's point; "The media is now owned by major corporations, they do not want to rock the boat." This is the mentality many reporters and journalists have as well. Many honest journalists have commented on this; it’s not just Dan Rather’s “flaming tire of lack of patriotism” analogy; it’s understood, even without saying, if they want to advance in the corporate media-ruled world, they better not rock the established order too much, and some corruption is too big and deep to acknowledge existing. The information you've made public over the years is a classic example; according to US history books and corporate media- no matter how well-documented the evidence, no matter how many reliable sources it’s corroborated by- our public officials and the powerful people behind them simply are not involved in terrorist attacks, trafficking in drugs, arms and nuclear secrets, and laundering money for same; that's a "conspiracy theory", and anyone pursuing lines of questioning related to uncovering evidence is a "conspiracy theorist", i.e. not credible.

In your case, Grassley already went on 60 Minutes in 2002, called you "very credible" and said the FBI "needs to be turned upside down". Ashcroft was so disturbed by what you knew and were doing that he even classified your date of birth. The DOJ IG confirmed many of your allegations and said further investigation should be done. Waxman promised hearings. The SCOTUS refused to hear your case, despite the major free speech implications and the numerous mainstream media and public interest institutions signing Amicus Briefs. Isn't Walton still sitting on your termination case? And in 2008, no broadcaster would take you up on your offer of a tell-all exclusive. All this is a story in itself. That you first pursued all avenues according to the way truth and justice are supposed to be established (in our society) adds to your credibility, and has helped document the abject failure of the system to establish these things.

Where to next? How to reform the system? #5 is a significant part of the equation, but polling for decades has shown that a supermajority of Americans would like an alternative to the fake 2 party system- but no viable one has yet presented itself, and the People are kept divided, distracted and occupied by entertainment and the pressures of the rat race. Still, Americans want change, turned out for Obama in massive numbers, and many more are waking up due to Obama repeatedly serving corporate/establishment elite interests at the expense of the public interest, in his first 100 days.

So what about the internet? I'm looking forward to your comments on this; I’m sure you’ve considered releasing a video to the web of what you would’ve said, had the networks taken you up on your offer. Would TV ultimately make the impact greater, than if you released it on the web? It would be instantly reposted all over the world, and the People have the potential to make into one of those issues the corpse media can’t ignore. Certainly, foreign media will report it. And would Obama’s DOJ dare prosecute you for revealing “state secrets”, which are actually monstrous crimes, including treason?

Polls show that, while TV is still the info source for the vast majority, this is declining and use of the internet for getting info on political issues is increasing rapidly- and distrust of the corporate media increases in proportion to internet use. Two promises I think Obama is likely to keep, are keeping Net Neutrality, and expanding broadband access.

PS. You’ve done an amazing job of getting info out, without violating your gag order; naming names in pictures was priceless. I wonder, how much more is there to the story, that you haven’t already managed to make public? Names and details, certainly. But any career-sinking, Establishment-destroying bombshells? What has already come out seems enough to justify a revolution at the polls, and criminal investigations or a truth and reconciliation commission- but independents and third parties had one of the worst showings in 2008- I suppose shell-shock of 8 years of Bush, and an increasing awareness that election results in both his elections were not reliable or credible, had something to do with massive numbers of people voting for the ‘lesser evil’ of ‘change’, instead of voting their conscience. Anyway, I want to hear the whole story, and the world needs to hear it, it needs to be part of the public record for this and future generations.

PPS- this is an article I gave as an informative speech for a college class, then adapted for posting online:

Sibel Edmonds vs. the Nuclear Terrorists

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